Father Daughter Dance

The girls and D attended their school’s Father-Daughter dance several weeks ago and here is what I learned from the experience.

The signi



What’s In That Water?!

Water is THE most essential element in life, yet the powers that be believe poisonings our country’s supply via fracking and industrial population is acceptable to big business’ bottom line.

The American Society of Civil Engineers gave the U.S. a "D" grade for the quality of its drinking water systems based on an evaluation of their safety, condition, capacity and other criteria. Of the 25 states with individual grades, none scored higher than a "C+."  Pennsylvania, Louisiana, Arkansas and Alaska all received “D” grades. (https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/2017/08/14/63-million-americans-exposed-unsafe-drinking-water/564278001/)

CEO of Nestle considers clean water to NOT be a right for all. This is not surprising , from such a savage businessman. It is people in power like him who don’t find the water crisis in Flint to be a natural disaster.

As I explained to my littles the importance of clear water to them I created an experiment to illustrate my point. We used a pH kit to test the acidity of various sources of water. Check out the video below:

I remember comedian Earthquake joking about how basic things like air would be monetized in the future. Look at us paying $4 for “pure” spring water in a plastic bottle. Oh the irony. As Earthquake said, “I’m a have to put my air in my momma name.” What is your main source of water? Do you have a bottle service? Drink tap water? Have a water distiller?

For more than two years I’ve been drinking primarily bottled distilled water. I’ve been researching the best water distiller for home use.

What's Going On in Puerto Rico?

Being that D's heritage is Puerto Rican we have made it our destination for our annual summer vacation. We visit family, have daily beach jaunts, and stuff our faces with KuchiFritos {Puerto Rican Soul Food}. In the last two years we have noticed a change in the number of businesses we once frequented as several of them have closed.


Fast forward to Hurricane Maria, we haven’t been since the storm but we’ve read the reports,, heard about the lack of aid, electricity, and staggering death count. It amazes me how our “great” country supports less melanated regions, but their own territory gets minimal. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, I mean look at Flint! 

Some Facts About the Commonwealth

"Puerto Rico is a commonwealth of the United States. It is a distinction that, for years, has carried many of the advantages of being a state and few of the downsides. Most notably, Puerto Rico receives federal assistance, but most of its residents do not pay federal personal income taxes.

But the lack of statehood is now hurting the island at its time of greatest need. Unlike states, which can authorize their municipalities to declare bankruptcy, Puerto Rico has no such access to bankruptcy courts for its government entities. That has left the island facing a chaotic debt restructuring with no legal referee.

While there are proposals on Capitol Hill to give Puerto Rico bankruptcy powers, the island’s status hurts here, too. Puerto Rico’s lone representative in Congress has no vote, which has hampered the bills’ progress." SOURCE

I began this post on December 31, 2018 and today is July 9, 2019. According to Amnesty International here are the key points a year after Hurricane Maria:


  • Hurricane Maria, the strongest hurricane to hit Puerto Rico in nearly a century, made landfall on 20 September 2017. It compounded destruction caused by hurricane Irma just weeks before.

  • More than 44% of the population of Puerto Rico lives in poverty, compared to the national US average of approximately 12%.

  • On 28 August 2018, Puerto Rico’s Governor revised the official death count from 64 to 2,975. Prior to that various other studies had estimated the death count to be even higher. US President Trump has denied the numbers.

  • A year after Maria, tens of thousands in Puerto Rico are still living under blue tarps, designed as temporary roofs.

  • After a Federal Court decision on 30 August, Puerto Ricans temporarily housed in the USA lost FEMA’s housing support on 15 September.

God help us if a similar situation were to occur on the continental US.

From Teacher To Administrator

During the spring semester I made the decision to leave the classroom and venture into the administrative side of education. After being in the classroom for over ten years I've reached my maximum tolerance of not being able to effect widespread change. I was chosen to participate in the NYC's Leaders in Education Apprentice Program (LEAP). I had the opportunity to meet and work with 17 other educators who like me where able grow and learn together.

Eek . . . SJ is 7!

Our big girl is seven. I’ve been teaching her a new skill, a dying art, cursive writing. Also, how to properly use a knife and fork when eating.

Passports For The Littles

We finally made the journey to our local post office to purchase and register to receive passports for the kids. 


I am planning several trips towards the end of the year and early 2019. I subscribe to several traveling e-newsletters and I can finally commit to seeing the world with the kids now that they will have their passports. We are excited!


Hospitals Are Failing Black Women

If you have been reading my blog you know I am a strong advocate for natural birth. A coworker just shared an article in which Serena Williams shared her birth story. Let's just say after reading it a range of emotions hit me at once. EMPATHY. . . SADNESS. . . ANGER. . . PAIN. Here is a woman who is in superior shape, her body is flawlessly perfect, unable to experience a birth without complications. This has transcended socio-economics and reached the common denominator, RACE. Black women are dying at a rate THREE times higher than white women during childbirth. This seems like a conspiracy, right?! How is this happening? Why has this not been shouted from the rooftops, similar to the MMR vaccine effecting Black boys so severely? What does the CDC and WHO have to say about this? Not much because the crime is against Black women.


I have been in a heightened state of awareness in regards to how the "system" has been set up to reduce the population of certain demographics {read between the lines}. I am currently reading, BLACK MATTERS: The Scientific Intervention In Our Affairs by ZaZa Ali, and my mind is just blown away by her research. If you want FACTS with peer-reviewed sources please get all three volumes of her book. She speaks about Eugenics, abortion, and birthing a new nation. She shares how sinister and vile the system truly is in regards to melanated people. Its like if you can not sterilize us with faulty birth control, or persuade us with abortions, you catch us on the back end with killing us via C-sections and unnecessary birth interventions. 

I am tired of hearing about women dying during or after the labor of their first child due to C-Section complications. It's crazy!  Check out these articles on the topic:


Serena Williams Almost Died After Giving Birth. Her Story Is Shared By Black Women Across America

I pray we have a birth advocate in Serena Williams after her bout with giving birth in this country. 

Onida-Baby Mama Signature.png

A YouTube Channel

The girls are huge fans of YouTube Kids and each time they watch I get asked about starting their own channel by SJ. I told her once we move out of our apartment into a nicely, well light house I would create a "studio" area for them. In the meantime I will work on perfecting my video capturing and editing skills.

So far we have created a few videos, check them out.

Our first attempt was created using my iPhone 6s Plus.



Faux Stay-At-Home Mommy

I have made a committment to blog again, consistently. I once used this site as a digital scrapbook/journal. Then priorities changed, life began to get FULL and I stopped. I miss it and Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook have not filled the void of being about to express myself fully. So self expression here I come.

Papito is five months and I feel like the almost six months I've been on "maternity leave" has gone so quickly. My status as a faux stay-at-home mom will officially be over in four weeks. Now I give props to mothers, and fathers, who spend years raising their children and not working away from home, but bruh' it won't be me. I am sooo ready to return to the classroom, adult conversation, and a bi-monthly pay check.


During the five and a half months I've been home I was able to give Petite Seats a lot of attention. Primarily the time was spent getting to know Papito and spending QT with the girls. Also, fulfilling the traditional gender role tasks D and I typically share. You know washing clothes, cooking exclusively, picking up the girls from school, etc. Doing these tasks further reinforced my thoughts on needing additional assistance in my household and I could never do this full time. 

Vaccinated vs NonVaccinated

Finally a study with data comparing the nonvaxxed to the vaxxed.

The study was designed as a cross-sectional survey of homeschooling mothers on their vaccinated and unvaccinated biological children ages 6 to 12.

Compelling snippets from the research: 

"U.S. is experiencing what has been described as a “silent pandemic” of mostly subclinical developmental neurotoxicity"


"The need for such studies is suggested by the fact that the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program has paid $3.2 billion in compensation for vaccine injury since its creation in 1986."


 Print a copy and read it for yourself! 

Summer, Summer, Summertime {2017}

We have finally closed another chapter of our lives this summer. In August we purchased our second home.

After living all of our lives in cities, D and I made the decision to move to the county like setting of Sussex County, New Jersey. My commute is brutal, 3-3.5 hours on average, but we LOVE our new home. After 39 months of saving we reached one of our long term goals of owning a house with a pool and space to grow.

Puréed Baby Foods

Papito is venturing into the world of foods. With each of my children I have become more restrictive with the foods they eat. For instance, we were giving SJ organic whole cow milk from the age of 12 months. For CC, we gave her organic milk for six months then stopped cold turkey. I don't plan to let cow's milk past Papito's lips AT ALL. I am using Dr. Sebi's Nutritional Guide as the basis for all of the pureed food I plan to prepare for Papito. 


Stage One Recipes {6-8 months}

Roasted Organic Sweet Potato + Organic Chickpea + Breastmilk

Roasted Organic Sweet Potato + Quinoa + Breastmilk


4 Day Wait Rule

" When you introduce a new food over the course of several days, you are better able to determine exactly how your baby is reacting to that food.  It is important to follow the “four day wait” rule when introducing your baby to new solid foods, especially in the beginning stage. This is most important if you and/or your family members have a history of food allergies."   Read more at http://wholesomebabyfood.momtastic.com/4daywaitrule.htm#JeZuMQVysmif1B84.99

"When you introduce a new food over the course of several days, you are better able to determine exactly how your baby is reacting to that food.  It is important to follow the “four day wait” rule when introducing your baby to new solid foods, especially in the beginning stage. This is most important if you and/or your family members have a history of food allergies."
Read more at http://wholesomebabyfood.momtastic.com/4daywaitrule.htm#JeZuMQVysmif1B84.99

Quinoa + Peach 

Quinoa + Peach 


” Mucus is the cause of every disease. Eliminate the mucus you eliminate the disease. ”  – Dr. Sebi


Dr Sebi RIP


One day while searching for videos on YouTube about the "perfect human diet" I arrive upon a two hour video titled "Dr. Sebi: Eat To Live". It was of poor video quality, but I said hey I'm in rush hour traffic let's see what this is about. It changed my life. There are very few prolific occurrences I can point to that have made me alter the way in which I live and think. Dr. Sebi is one such man that I've been obsessed with his teachings. And have earnestly tried to live according to his food list.


According to his company's website, "Pathologist, herbalist, and naturalist, Dr. Sebi has spent decades studying the plants and herbs of North, South and Central America, Africa and the Caribbean. His unique approach to healing the human body is firmly rooted in that experience.

Born Alfredo Bowman in Honduras in 1933, Dr. Sebi learned at the foot of his grandmother, "Mama Hay," and later, in treating himself, with a traditional herbalist in Mexico. On finding the healing he’d sought, Dr Sebi created a line of natural vegetable cell food compounds used for inter-cellular cleansing and cellular revitalization. Dr. Sebi is pleased to share his deep understand of traditional herbal and vegetable compounds through the USHA Research Institute, Dr. Sebi LLC, and the Usha Healing Village in La Ceiba, Honduras."


I tell D all the time if any of us becomes sick with cancer, heart disease, or any other host of diseases often treated with drugs, we are going to Honduras to the Usha Village or to Mexico to the Gerson Institute. No chemo, no pharmaceuticals. 

The reports of Dr. Sebi's death are saying he died in police custody. My heart is heavy reading this news. Another holistic doctor murdered for the truth they teach. My prayers go out to his family. I hope they have the courage and fortitude to continue his legacy.



Dr. Sebi's Nutritional Guide


First Day of Kindergarten

In a previous post I mentioned we were sending the girls to a neighborhood school. We decided to give it a try and we were told it is the best public PK-K program in our city. Fast forward to the first day of school. We arrive to learn SJ will not have a teacher until October 3! Big red flag for us. In spite of this, the teacher's assistant made us feel confident in his abilities, so we settled on keeping SJ in the class until the teacher returned from her leave.

CC got her first, and last, taste of GMO ladened cereal and graham crackers

CC got her first, and last, taste of GMO ladened cereal and graham crackers

Halloween 2016

For the second year in a row we visited the Turtle Back Zoo for Trick-or-Treating the girls had a blast and thankfully the weather was mind.

Walking along the many paths in the zoo in search of candy

Walking along the many paths in the zoo in search of candy


Halloween 2016

Last summer while on one of my weekly trips to my favorite thrift store I purchased children sized Asian print pajamas for $6 a set. The golden colored set, had a Chinese Mandarin collar and gorgeous frog closures.

Our Big Girl

Our Big Girl

Our Baby Girl

Our Baby Girl

To celebrate Halloween the parents in our building decided to setup a little get together in the community room. It was a very informal opportunity for everyone to connect, let the kids run around, and paint pumpkins.

I went to the Dollar Store and purchased a few items to decorate the kids table. 

I didn't want the girls to wear such a nice outfit to school, so I went to Walmart and purchased a $10 outfit for their school costume parade.

Visiting Abuelo

D's father lives in Connecticut and every couple of months we take the drive up to visit. Unfortunately this last trip I had to work and wasn't able to go with the fam. Needless to say, the kids had a blast and they were able to experience learning how to dance to bachata and merengue.


D and his father's relationship, now this is me looking in, is rather ambivalent. D is indifferent to his father's involvement in his life. While I am like D have you called your father this month, he is like no and makes no fuss about it. Yet, when he does call I notice a peace come over D that wasn't there before. This occurs after we go to visit as well. Because my father is such an important part of my life, it's hard for me to understand D and his father's relationship. So, I just fall back and let him go with the flow. I'm still trying to convince him to get his father to visit us in New Jersey, maybe for Thanksgiving. Let me tell you this man can cook his ass off. 



Ten Things That Make Me Really Happy {Long}

It’s the seventh day of 2018. The weather outside is a -2 degrees and I am warmly ensconced under a thick comforter and my new electric blanket {Xmas gift from D}. My body has been up since 4am, as is the norm, and I’ve been reflecting. I thought to myself, “Nida as this world goes to shit what do you have to. be happy about?” Welp... indeed if I gave into the worries I have about humanity I would need a truckload of antidepressants, but I try to not dwell in the negative. Each day I give myself a mental slap to stay in the light and push through. I have so many things in life to be happy about.  Here is my list of the top ten:


MY PARENTS gave me the skills to be a critical thinker, a hustler, empathetic, and a leader. This skill set has allowed to me accomplish much in my 36 short years. I am happy my parents had their shit together and ALWAYS put my sisters and I first.



Having two YOUNGER SISTERS prepared me so much for raising my two little girls. I am happy I learned how to be a fierce protector of them at a young age. I am happy I had their hair to experiment on to learn hairstyling. I am happy I know beyond a shadow of a doubt there will always be two people in this world that will ride with me no matter the circumstance.



I am happy the universe aligned my path with a HUSBAND who just gets me and allows me to be great. Our ninth wedding anniversary is in a few days so he’ll get a whole post celebrating his awesomeness.



I am happy my three CHILDREN are such dynamic, intelligent, fantastic little humans. Each day I wake excited for them to share their interpretations of this world with me. I’ve started journaling to each of them with life lessons and affirmations I plan to gift them on their eighteenth birthday. Giving them a jump start into adulthood is my plan.




I am a HEALTHY and fit. This makes me happy because so many in my life depend on pharmaceuticals to get through the day. I am team #NoMeat #SpringWater #NoVaxx 



I am happy I chose a career I’m able to advance in without major challenges and allows me the flexibility to be an entrepreneur concurrently. I’m not ready to give up that NYC pension honey😏. 



I am happy my BILLS are paid on time and I can still support my obsession with outfitting my littles with their hearts’ desires. In addition, to this each day I look at my house and feel giddy with the knowledge of how D and I busted our asses and sacrificed to meet on of our long term goals.




I am happy I’ve started a COMPANY I can see myself leaving to my children to run. Building a tangible legacy is important to me. Stocks, good credit, life insurance, real estate, a superior immune system, straight teeth, a business, and common sense are all things I plan to pass on to give them a fresh start into adulthood. 



 I am happy for Amazon KINDLE and all the ratchet and not so ratchet reads I’ve enjoyed on my 3-4 hour daily commute. Love Belvin...Blue Saffire...Kenya Wright...Christina C. Jones..Iris Bolling...Vivian Rose Lee...D Camille...Latrivia Welch...Sienna Mynx...S.K. Hardy...Pepper Pace all give me life and are my drug of choice. Reading their work is the perfect mood stabilizer for my busy life.