After actively trying to get preggo for a year, my husband and I hit the jack pot and will be celebrating the birth of our first child in the new year.  To say I'm excited is not enough . . . let's find a better adjective. I'm ablaze with happiness and anticipation!

I'm 12 weeks and 5 days pregnant and already I've picked the furniture for our baby's nursery (it's dazzling), chosen the theme and decor for the baby shower, and decided on baby names. Definitely type-A behavior. What can I say?!* 

This blog will be an electronic journal of my prenatal through postpartum adventures. Unlike my event planning blog (here) Not The Nanny will offer a more personal look into my life and I will be giving my sometimes biased opinion on touchy subjects, such as breast feeding and raising multi-cultural kids. This is not meant to offend my readers but to give them an idea about who I am and how I feel about the most important job in the universe . . . being a mommy.

A super big SHOUT OUT to the world's best graphic designer, Jill of 311 Graphics. She created my super cute blog banner and signature. Thank you Jill for another fantastic job!!


Welcome to my blog and please leave plenty of comments.