Baby Cruz @ 15 Weeks

Yesterday afternoon my husband and I had a doctor's appointment to get my first prenatal ultrasound. It was an amazing experience to see our baby moving around in my womb. I was awestruck and D was super excited. He must have asked the ultrasound technician no less than 25 questions resulting in her telling him she has been doing this for 18 years. SMH . . . She mentioned the measurements of the fetus confirms that the baby is 15 weeks instead of the 14 weeks we were going by. She said it is normal to be off by 7 or so days.


We decided not to know the sex of our baby prior to delivery; it was D's decision. Despite this ever since we left the doctor's office he's been asking me my preference for the baby's sex. The ultrasound tech said she knows the sex already. Maybe this is what has him over zealous. 


Next week I go back for the blood test to screen for Down Syndrome.