Baby Cruz's Baby Shower -Long

On January 8, 2011, my sister and Bestie Richard hosted my baby shower at the Toro Loco Mexican Restaurant in South Orange, New Jersey. We had a blast! There was excellent food and company! Thanks to my other sister and Dad we got amazing photo coverage of the event as well.

As I reflect on my baby shower pics I am filled with happiness and an over abundance of joy because I am one of the chosen to know unconditional love and support. Thank you family and friends for contributing to my happiness (even those that were unable to attend)! Happiness definitely comes from appreciating and recognizing what you do have. I feel loved, cared for, and pampered--a wonderful place to be especially when you're 7.5 months preggo.



  • I searched everywhere for the perfect cupcake topper. In the beginning, I thought able purchasing fondant toppers, but decided against it at the last minute.  I discovered these (24 for $6.49) and was sold!
  • My Bestie and sister contacted several bakeries to get a nice baby shower cake and in general the minimum price for a cake for 50 was $200. I told them that was too much and decided to take my chances with the Super Walmart. I ordered our cake and cupcakes from them. The cake fed 60 and was only $49 and the cupcakes were half dozen for $6. The picture above is the actual wedding cake that I used as inspiration and asked them to create it in my shower colors. I was completely satisfied! The cake was chocolate with fudge filling and it was GOOOODDD. The cupcakes were vanilla.
  • I assembled cymbidium orchid centerpieces the night before the shower and had to fight my cat to stop her from drink the water in the vases. SMH... Before going to work Friday, I went to the flower district (W. 28th Street, NYC) and purchased two stems of cymbidiums for $40.
  • On Ebay  I found a button-maker vendor and purchased 25 bilingual identity buttons- they were a big hit.
  • I purchased cards from a vendor on Zazzle (my favorite stationery site) and had Tiffany Stith of A Fine Line, LLC calligraphy the cards with purple ink for the candy buffet. Sorry to say the cards arrived the Monday after the shower :(

 Decor Detail Pictures



Party Pictures


Getting outfitted

 Richard's dramatic reading of the cards. LOL . . .

Aunts and Uncles - minus one {Tio Jason}

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