Clothing for my Little Girl

I made a pact with my husband at the beginning of my pregnancy that we would not find the sex of our baby prior to delivery. This was one of the hardest things for me to do- EVER! I plan for everything and my OCD was getting the best of my, especially at around 7 months. I would go in to stores fill up a shopping bag/cart with the most unisexed clothing I could find, then after talking myself out of it I would leave the entire bag on a rack and walk out the store frustrated. It was torture!! Seeing all the cute little dresses, shoes, and onesies. Shopping for unisexed baby clothing is no fun. So after three weeks of excile I ODed in Target, the Children's Place, and Carter's. 
Here are a few of my purchases...
I soo loved this outfit. It's size 6-9 months and will be perfect for the fall.
This is an alternative style to the first outfit. I love the cardigan!
Baby Jeggings --So cute and only $7 @ Macy's
I love the silhouette of this outfit. The trapeze dress and leggings are soo cute!
I found this jacket @ Crazy 8 for $6.99. 
Some more trapeze outfits and cute tennis skirts + t-shirts sets. All from Target for less than $10. All except the dress in the front that was $20.
Circo brand clothing all for less than $8.99.
 I love these soft soled leather moccasin style shoes.
Next week we hit up Daffy's!