Baby Fashion: Leopard + Red

Yesterday D travelled to Chicago for the day, so Lil D and I were left to entertain ourselves. We woke up, ate a breakfast for champions {yogurt + granola + banana}, got dressed, and headed to Trader Joe's for much need groceries. After returning home to drop off the groceries we got back on the road to head down to visit my Uncle and his family.

Because I am such a slacker during the work week when it comes to dressing Lil D {she usually wears sleepers and hoodies} I go all out on the weekends. Shoot, I have to let her wear all the cute outfits I buy, if I wait too long she'll out grow them. In our travels yesterday I discovered the Gwen Stefani's Harauku Mini for Target. Super cute, but I'll wait until it goes on sale. Here are my favorites from this line.

Harajuku Mini for Target® Girls Long-Sleeve Blazer - Gray


Harajuku Mini for Target® Infant Girls Long-Sleeve Dot Dress - Navy

Harajuku Mini for Target® Toddler Girls Majorette Jacket - Blue

Harajuku Mini for Target® Infant Girls' Plaid Jumper and Legging Set - Red

We went to my little cousin's basketball game yesterday and I decided to snap a few pictures of the baby since she began to get antsy on my lap. Below are some pictures of our day.


Leopard Print Frill Sleeved playsuit from Oh Baby London.

 Was: £20.00 Now:£10.00 

To purchase click here.

Lil D's first interaction with dogs


This video was taken after she spent two minutes screaming at the dogs, much to their chagrin. The dogs, Carmelo and Lala decided this little baby was crazy and backed away from her. It was quite funny.