2012 Holiday Family Pictures

This Thanksgiving's dinner was really no frills, we all ate dinner in our pajamas. No one was inclined to get dressed or do any hair or makeup this year. We ate, laughed, and talked. Lil D got to sit at the table like a big girl and eat with everyone, this went over well considering she wanted to eat food off of D and my plate instead of hers. SMH ...  


Later that night my sisters, brother-in-law, uncle and mother went to various stores for their pre-Black Friday sales. My behind went to bed. I have been fatigued more than normal lately, so me going to bed by 9 o'clock is not uncommon. Of course, I'm up most of the night tossing and turning after having dreamt crazy dreams. Pregnancy is no friend to my nightly rest. Besides enjoying a wonderful dinner with the family we took our traditional holiday portraits, this year in Druid Hill Park. Check them out below:

Alie (my BIL) didn't want to be in the pictures... Sucka.

 The Cruz's 

PopPop, D, + Lil D-- Lil D insisted that she had to go down by the water, hence this picture.


Back @ PopPop + GMy's house