One more week until Lil D's First Birthday

Lil' D and I attended our next door neighbors' baby shower yesterday. I decided to dress us in the same colors-- red and navy. There were a lot of people in attendance, Lil D was not her usual over-animated self. She was pretty quiet and reserved. Can't figure out why?! Maybe she was just being quietly observant like her Mommy for once.



Lil D's Outfit from Crazy 8

I spent most of the weekend being lazy and doing nothing but pinning on Pinterest. I need to get my arse in gear, finish decorating for Lil D's party and clean this junky house. Most of the decor is in place, its just small touches and hanging the streamers. So far everything looks great, I can't wait to share the pictures with you next week. I definitely went over the top with this rubber ducky theme. I am still looking to add more little duckies, if I could only find a Walmart that has them in stock.