Part 2: Veiques, Puerto Rico

It took us two tries but we made it to Veiques, an island–municipality of Puerto Rico in the northeastern Caribbean, part of an island grouping sometimes known as the Spanish Virgin Islands.


Vieques is definitely a place I would want to stay for a couple of days, to do more exploring and visit the amazing beaches.

We rented a Wrangler for the day, my dream car when I was in high school.



OMG... We truly had an adventure visiting this Black Sand Beach. First, there were no signs to show exactly where the beach was from the road. We noticed three other Jeeps parked on the side of the road and stopped to inquire. Sure enough the beach was down below, or so we thought. Let me tell you the drama that ensued. We figured it would be a short trail leading to the beach. Chile!! It was a 20 minute walk/HIKE through the wilderness with no directional signs. I made D carry our carryon suitcase because I  didn't want to leave it in the SUV. After about fifteen minutes of walking/hiking we both were frustrated and wondering where the hell was the beach. Low and behold we finally reached the beach and what a magnificent sight it was. We were in stunned awe of the seascape before us. Less than five minutes of us arriving on the beach D was like "Look!" {in a hurried, panicked voice}, he was pointing to the horizon. The sky had turned gray, storm clouds were moving towards us, and the ocean was getting violent. We hauled ass back toward the wilderness for our hike back. The only difference was the sky opened up and it we got a first hand experience of a torrential rain storm. It was horrible! We were slipping, sliding, and cussing. D's flip flop broke and SJ's water shoe fell off without us noticing, so D had to trek back for it. D was carrying SJ and the suitcase. I had CC so I ran the whole way to the Jeep. Once I made it to the road I saw a man coming towards me. I immediately went on alert. Then I noticed his family in the Jeep behind him. He asked me if I needed help and asked where my husband was. I pointed behind me and he was off to assist D. He told me to wait in the car with his family, so I did. Forgot to mention the cute little Jeep we rented had the roof panels off, so the entire interior got wet. :-/

We where the talk of this beach . . . between me being Mommy and SJ with only a PullUp on the Latinas on the beach felt it necessary to let D know they had issues. SMH . . .