Happy Birthday 2 Me!

Today I opened my eyes (at 4:09 am) and my first thought was to thank the Creator for my life. A life I have purposely structured (as an adult), guided by hard work, optimism, and love. In my 33 years of life the hardest lessons for me to learn centered around me accepting myself as simply, Onida LM Haskett-Cruz.


Let me explain, I've never had low self-esteem or confidence issues, I am referring to my acceptance of  the fact that I am more than a lot of people are used to. Not to be conceited or narcissistic in anyway, but it's the truth. No longer do I try to "fit" in or stifle myself to be more like everyone else. How I see it most people are just complacent with being average, so they do average shit then throw shade at you for doing more. You feel me?! I will always be that person that is "Doing To Much" or "Overly Ambitious" or "Busy". Why because when my last day is on the horizon I want my loved ones to know and see that I was never afraid of change and I always did exactly what I dreamed of doing. Mama got dreams to fulfill and a mission to accomplish.  


This birthday commemorates my fifteenth year as an adult. I looked back at my journal from 1999 and read the goals I had for myself. As is my nature, I accomplished most of them with the exception of being a millionaire by age 35 and learning to speak fluent Spanish and Japanese {working on Spanish goal}. Birthdays always make me feel nostalgic and hypersensitive, mainly because my loved ones make each one very special for me. In this life of  constant struggle and strife I have been blessed. Blessed to have the support of an amazing family. Blessed to have the love and loyalty of an amazing husband who make me feel "so God damn fine". And blessed with my greatest accomplishments to date, my precious baby girls. Happiness is truly a journey and I am walking on the road. Life is truly what you make it and I'm making mine as outstanding as I can. My anthem for the last couple of months has been "Flawless" by Beyonce. In the world of one of my students, this song "Gives Me Life".


33 is a grand old age. It is considered Christ's number because he died at this age. According to numerology, it is often thought to be a powerful and mystical number. The life path of 33:

People with the life path of 33 are born to lead others in an influential manner. Their view of the world is what others will aspire to. The life path of 33 can influence a person toward being a teacher, pastor, an author or some other form of educator. Some people will look at those with a 33 life path as a messiah to their life. The number is most powerful in the manner that it can uplift others. Some refer to the number as the "sunshine on a rainy day" or the "silver lining in a cloud". The life path brings wisdom beyond age and a devotion to inspiring others. Source


Be blessed and Happy Birthday to Me! I'll sip a strawberry mojito and eat a box of Trader Joe's macaroons in honor of being 33.

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