Faux Stay-At-Home Mommy

I have made a committment to blog again, consistently. I once used this site as a digital scrapbook/journal. Then priorities changed, life began to get FULL and I stopped. I miss it and Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook have not filled the void of being about to express myself fully. So self expression here I come.

Papito is five months and I feel like the almost six months I've been on "maternity leave" has gone so quickly. My status as a faux stay-at-home mom will officially be over in four weeks. Now I give props to mothers, and fathers, who spend years raising their children and not working away from home, but bruh' it won't be me. I am sooo ready to return to the classroom, adult conversation, and a bi-monthly pay check.


During the five and a half months I've been home I was able to give Petite Seats a lot of attention. Primarily the time was spent getting to know Papito and spending QT with the girls. Also, fulfilling the traditional gender role tasks D and I typically share. You know washing clothes, cooking exclusively, picking up the girls from school, etc. Doing these tasks further reinforced my thoughts on needing additional assistance in my household and I could never do this full time.