Ten Things That Make Me Really Happy {Long}

It’s the seventh day of 2018. The weather outside is a -2 degrees and I am warmly ensconced under a thick comforter and my new electric blanket {Xmas gift from D}. My body has been up since 4am, as is the norm, and I’ve been reflecting. I thought to myself, “Nida as this world goes to shit what do you have to. be happy about?” Welp... indeed if I gave into the worries I have about humanity I would need a truckload of antidepressants, but I try to not dwell in the negative. Each day I give myself a mental slap to stay in the light and push through. I have so many things in life to be happy about.  Here is my list of the top ten:


MY PARENTS gave me the skills to be a critical thinker, a hustler, empathetic, and a leader. This skill set has allowed to me accomplish much in my 36 short years. I am happy my parents had their shit together and ALWAYS put my sisters and I first.



Having two YOUNGER SISTERS prepared me so much for raising my two little girls. I am happy I learned how to be a fierce protector of them at a young age. I am happy I had their hair to experiment on to learn hairstyling. I am happy I know beyond a shadow of a doubt there will always be two people in this world that will ride with me no matter the circumstance.



I am happy the universe aligned my path with a HUSBAND who just gets me and allows me to be great. Our ninth wedding anniversary is in a few days so he’ll get a whole post celebrating his awesomeness.



I am happy my three CHILDREN are such dynamic, intelligent, fantastic little humans. Each day I wake excited for them to share their interpretations of this world with me. I’ve started journaling to each of them with life lessons and affirmations I plan to gift them on their eighteenth birthday. Giving them a jump start into adulthood is my plan.




I am a HEALTHY and fit. This makes me happy because so many in my life depend on pharmaceuticals to get through the day. I am team #NoMeat #SpringWater #NoVaxx 



I am happy I chose a career I’m able to advance in without major challenges and allows me the flexibility to be an entrepreneur concurrently. I’m not ready to give up that NYC pension honey😏. 



I am happy my BILLS are paid on time and I can still support my obsession with outfitting my littles with their hearts’ desires. In addition, to this each day I look at my house and feel giddy with the knowledge of how D and I busted our asses and sacrificed to meet on of our long term goals.




I am happy I’ve started a COMPANY I can see myself leaving to my children to run. Building a tangible legacy is important to me. Stocks, good credit, life insurance, real estate, a superior immune system, straight teeth, a business, and common sense are all things I plan to pass on to give them a fresh start into adulthood. 



 I am happy for Amazon KINDLE and all the ratchet and not so ratchet reads I’ve enjoyed on my 3-4 hour daily commute. Love Belvin...Blue Saffire...Kenya Wright...Christina C. Jones..Iris Bolling...Vivian Rose Lee...D Camille...Latrivia Welch...Sienna Mynx...S.K. Hardy...Pepper Pace all give me life and are my drug of choice. Reading their work is the perfect mood stabilizer for my busy life.