Holiday Portraits: The Deets

This year we went with a black and white theme for holiday portraits. I spent countless hours on EBay searching for inexpensive outfits and I hit pay dirt. Check out the deets below. 



The original dress I wanted for the girls was on Aliexpress, but because I had a two week window for ordering it was a no go. These black pickup dresses were cheap and photographed nicely.

Pickup dresses in black with white sash $21.99 each

Pickup dresses in black with white sash $21.99 each

The girls crystal tiaras were $9.99 each. I have to add this to the red ones we used last year. 

The girls crystal tiaras were $9.99 each. I have to add this to the red ones we used last year. 

I tried a new style for the girls hair, much to D's chagrin. I have a board on Pinterest here called "BabyGirls Hair"  ( where I pin cute, easy to do cornrow and natural hair styles for my littles. This style I did received a pack of synthetic braiding hair and hairpins. The hair was twisted, using two strands of hair. The style took less then ten minutes to do.

The girls in their CrewCuts winter coats

The girls in their CrewCuts winter coats

For me, I kept it simple with two goddess braids. Now my outfit was a steal at $31.49 from EBay vendor "alisapanus".


The skirt was a rayon-polyester blend that ironed well and fit like a glove. The top wasn't as nice a quality. There were several loose threads, but for the thirty minutes I wore the outfit it was perfect. There was a lot of sucking in my gut, but I was comfortable.  

Neli and Papi  

Neli and Papi  

My guys

My guys


Guess What?!

I am nine weeks pregnant and feeling like shit on a stick. I've come to experience that each pregnancy is indeed different, but I wasn't expecting it to be this drastic. For the past six weeks I have felt so horrible. Unlike when I carried Lil D, I have had severe nausea, fatigue, and lack of appetite. Remember that 20 pounds from Lil D I spent the summer trying to work off and wasn't successful? Well . . . honey 12 pounds of that is gone and all I've been doing is sleeping. It's a crime I tell you. Baby Cruz #2 (BC2) has been making his/her presence known. Not just by making me feel like crap, but also I have a belly pouch! I am trying to discern if its left over Lil D fat or bloat. Either way I look pregnant and this didn't happen until after 24 weeks with Lil D. 


Me & Lil D (in utero) - 17 weeks 2 days

After the debacle that was Lil D's birth process I have found another midwife. Initially, I was heading towards having a home birth. I presented this idea to D and he asked me if I was on drugs. After thinking it over, considering the risks, I decided I was not totally comfortable with this either. So I began to research independent birthing centers in New Jersey. Guess what?! There are none, but in my search I arrived upon the practice of Dr. Lonnie Morris. I was truly impressed with her history and philosophy on birth. I made my first prenatal appointment for this coming Tuesday. Here practice is affiliated with Mountainside Hospital in Montclair, New Jersey. According to the 2011 NJ Department of Health data report, the c-section rate at this hospital is 39.4%... relatively low for New Jersey. I'm crossing my fingers and hoping this is a great fit. Now I have to request my medical records from the other GYN, ummm drama is sure to ensue.


Lil D's 1st Modeling Gig

At the beginning of the summer, we made the journey to Bmore for Lil D to participate in the Wee Chic Little Characters Fall 2012 photo shoot. Wee Chic is the premiere children's boutique in the Baltimore area. They carry all of my favorite children's designers like Anthem of AntsTea Collection,  Desigual, and Toobydoo. The shoot was at the exclusive Ritz Carlton residencies in the Inner Harbor.

Here are pictures of Lil D and her Papi before the shoot.


Lil D shooting with Laura Black

My mother is the person who told me to enter the contest. She read about it in the Baltimore Style magazine. According to the Wee Chic Team, over 1000 children were considered. They narrowed it down to 32 kids between the ages of 6 months and 10 years old.

{See Lil D top row second picture || was taken in Jamaica this past November}

The ad campaign was shoot by Laura Black Photography

Above is the latest Facebook banner from Wee Chic.



Happy Father's Day!

 "I cannot think of any need in childhood as strong as the need for a father's protection."

-- Sigmund Freud 

D spent his first Father's Day amongst family and friends, but first he spent the morning with his two main girls.

Lil D + D . . . twins

 D's first Father's Day went off without a hitch. I surprised him and invited his family to have dinner with us at this new buffet restaurant in Secaucus. He was surprised and speechless {esp. because we have been Beefin'- HARD!}. We ate then we hung out at in the courtyard near the restaurant after dinner reminiscing and just chillaxing.  

Lil' D + her Bisabuela {As you can see her new favorite thing is her thumb}

Me focused on my manicure

Focused . . .

The Fam

Check out my comb over-- H.A.M.

Ms. Lady checking out the sights

The Kings!

Lil' D + her Titi

 Danny got a LOT of gifts! He said it was better then Christmas {smiles}.Lil' D and I got him a Pictures On Gold {here} solid gold charm. I got the back inscribed with the words, "lo más importante en la vida. . . familia Happy First Father's Day" I loved it so much I highjacked!


Thrush: Unsolicited Advice

At my OB's office today.


Older Woman {OW}: Uwww! Look at that baby's tongue.

Me: I know we have been battling this thrush for 3 weeks. That's why I am here today.

OW: I have 8 kids, you know what you need to do?

Me:  WOW 8! No what do you suggest?

OW: You got to get you some Boric Acid . . .

Me: Boric Acid?! That's a new one.

Lettie: Isn't that what Mommy used to get rid of the ants?

OW: {Ignoring Lettie} Yeah, so you take one tablespoon of the Boric Acid and mix it in some water. You got to sterilize the water now.

Me: Okay, one tablespoon, boil water... okay.

OW: So you mix them make a paste and put it on that baby's tongue. It will take that thrush right out. You know what they say also works? Having a drunk person breath in the baby's face.


Me: {Blank stare}




My Busy Weekend

My weekend began with D and I venturing to Baltimore Friday night to check out the Bratt Decor Warehouse Sale as I mentioned in the previous post. While at the sale my sister recorded a video of our escapade. Can't figure out how to rotate the video sorry.

After returning to Jersey we made the trip up to Branford, Connecticut to have dinner at the house of one D's volleyball players. We ate well, had wonderful conversation, and I had the "Needle Test" performed on me. So here is how this "test" works:

Another unscientific but fun gender prediction test is the needle or wedding ring test. In this test, a woman dangles a needle or wedding ring over her belly. If the needle or wedding ring swings in a strong circular motion, she is expecting a girl. If it moves in a to-and-fro motion like a pendulum, she is expecting a boy. An alternate version of this baby gender prediction method is to dangle the needle or wedding ring over the expectant mom's wrist instead of belly.

Baby Cruz @ 15 Weeks

Yesterday afternoon my husband and I had a doctor's appointment to get my first prenatal ultrasound. It was an amazing experience to see our baby moving around in my womb. I was awestruck and D was super excited. He must have asked the ultrasound technician no less than 25 questions resulting in her telling him she has been doing this for 18 years. SMH . . . She mentioned the measurements of the fetus confirms that the baby is 15 weeks instead of the 14 weeks we were going by. She said it is normal to be off by 7 or so days.


We decided not to know the sex of our baby prior to delivery; it was D's decision. Despite this ever since we left the doctor's office he's been asking me my preference for the baby's sex. The ultrasound tech said she knows the sex already. Maybe this is what has him over zealous. 


Next week I go back for the blood test to screen for Down Syndrome.