30 Birthday/First Mother's Day

This was an eventful weekend for me. I celebrated my 30th birthday on Saturday and Sunday was my first Mother's Day!

My birthday consisted of my sisters, mother, and I going to my fav spa (Juevenex NYC) for Korean Scrubs and massages on Friday. On Saturday we went to the movies to see Jumping the Broom. Great movie, especially if you are into romance and sappy love stories like I am.

On Sunday, D, Lil' D' and I lounged around the house until late afternoon. After being lazy all morning we decided to got to the mall to eat and to exchange my gift. Yeah I know. . . D spent a lot of time choosing a special gift and I returned it. What can I say I am "particular" about things and this time I refused to give him a list of what I wanted. Bad idea. The "you should know me by now" speech was for naught because we had to go shopping all over again and I was not in the mood. Yup I wasn't in the mood to shop. Scary I know.

On the way to exchange my gift

After our mall adventure

Thoughts on my 30th Birthday

A year and a half ago I thought this day would be filled with party preparations and a big hotel ballroom soiree. I planned to have an ice bar and chair massages . . . the works. Fast forward several months, my focus shifted from planning a big celebration to planning a bangin' nursery for my little one, finding a top-notch child care center, and learning all I could about labour & delivery.

When I turned 25 I planned a big soiree {well not really big because it was in my house} and it was a big deal. Now after living 30 years and having a different set of values and priorities a big to-do just seemed like to much work. Yeah, I know you're thinking, "You plan events and planning your own is work?" I would say yes. My OCD is out of control when its something I have to do for myself, so it was best not to obsess about my pregnancy and a party. In less than a year I'll be planning Lil' D's first trip. I 86ed the whole big first birthday and decided instead we will start a new tradition- visiting a new country each year of her life. Next year Europe . . .

I'm out of my twenties and I'm feeling myself {if I do say so myself}. I've accomplished all but a few of my life-long goals {the few including being a millionaire--now days I'll settle for a thousandaire {student loan debt free} and learning to speak Spanish}. I'm officially grown, working on the sexy part {orangtan tits + a flabby belly = not cute}.

Lil' D with her aunties