Happy 5th Anniversary to Us!

D and I celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary over the MLK holiday weekend. My original plan was a host an intimate dinner for our closest friends and family, but I got sidetracked by life {smiles} and never planned anything. Instead we dressed up, sent the kids to Bisabuela's house, and went to a fancy restaurant on the Hudson River. 

Tradition tells us for the fifth wedding anniversary a gift of wood should be given. "The strength of your marriage bond is represented by the traditional gift of wood for your 5th anniversary. Wood is strong and long-lasting" {Source}. 

As I mentioned, we dropped off the girls off to their bisabuela's apartment and headed to West New York to Son Cubano's for dinner. The atmosphere was amorous with the skyline of Manhattan as a backdrop, I just wish the food was more flavorful. We won't be going there again because we expect more from Cuban cuisine. The chef has definitely watered down their menu to appeal to people with a less sophisticated palate. In spite of the bland food, dessert was great as well as the mojitos. 

I purchased D a gift card for MySuit, a made-to-measure mensware store in NYC. He purchased me a new car, an BMW X3. Yeah I know a huge difference in price. What can I say he likes to go big! I have to get used to driving a SUV.


 Besides celebrating our anniversary I hosted my goddaughter's Sweet 16 Slumber Party. We spent the day in NYC, then headed to Secaucus to the Embassy Suites Hotel. It was fun hanging with teenagers who truly act their ages and have been sheltered from the harsh realities of life (i.e., the students I teach).