Lil' D is 7 months old!!

This past weekend we celebrated my sister's bridal shower. We had a blast! Lil' D and I took our first train ride together-- take about tedious! She slept the entire ride coming and going so that was pleasant, but the amount of luggage I had to schlep on the stroller was insane. I was stressed from the journey. Anyway, TJ of Tunji Sarumi Photography took the time before the festivities to have an impromptu photo shoot of Lil' D. She was eating it up, posing and smiling.

Lil' D is pulling herself up to stand. She turns her head from side to side to focus on an object. She tries to mimic people's facial expressions and she loves to smile and laugh out loud. She started to say "mama" {much to her Papi's chagrin}.

Photo Credit: Tunji Sarumi Photography