Lil D's Diet

My child does not eat much. Well, that's if you don't include brown rice with black beans, peanuts, popcorn, pizza, or bananas. We have exposed her to many foods, but she is quite finicky when it comes to food and beverages. All she will drink is apple juice, milk, and water. For weeks, I have been worried that she has not been eating enough variety to be considered a well-balanced diet. Last weekend, D and I were proactive and made the journey to Whole Foods to choose a multi-vitamin for Lil D. After reading labels on about 5 or 6 vitamins we settled on a multi-vitamin (with minerals) formulated by ChildLife. ChildLife is a company developed by Dr. Murray Clarke,  ND, D.Hom., L.Ac. Dr. Clarke has been specializing in pediatrics in his homeopathic and nutritional clinic for the past twenty years. We felt his product was the best offering the most vitamins and minerals. 

I am of the mindset that your food should be your medicine, but until Lil D is older and I can negotiate with her to eat everything on her plate I will have to supplement her foods with products like ChildLife. Our next purchase will be their Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) formula.

Information about the Multi-Vitamin from the ChildLife website:

The full spectrum of essential vitamins and minerals support healthy development, strong immune function as well as emotional and mental vitality.* Research shows that one of the fundamental reasons for the decline in children’s health and immunity is the decline in the nutritional content and value of their diet. Supplementing a child’s diet a smart way to ensure that all nutritional needs are fulfilled.Today’s children face unprecedented challenges from two very important areas. On one hand, the nutritional value of the food we eat decreases as the nutritional content of the soil is depleted through time and modern farming methods. On the other hand, the rapid increase in environmental pollution and toxic burden creates an increased need for these nutrients – the vitamins and minerals that protect, nourish and sustain a child’s natural, healthy development. Support your child’s growth and development with this Multivitamin and Mineral formula.*

Orange / Mango Flavor. 8 fl. oz. (237ml) $16.95 @ Whole Foods