High Boy Dresser ReDo

On Christmas morning I got the urge to resurface the high boy dresser I inherited for Baby Cruz. Let me give you some background. In many families one-of-a-kind jewelry or real estate is past down through from generation to generation. Well in my family it's antique furniture. I have inherited many unique antique pieces that have enhanced the traditional decor of my home. One such piece is a high boy dresser that was my Aunt's (now my aunt is in her sixties- she had this dresser as a teenager). The dresser was given to my mother for my little sisters' room and my mom saved it for me. The dresser is the perfect addition to Baby Cruz's nursery because the curved lines of the dresser complement our Bratt Decor crib.

The French Drexel Touraine dresser's original color was a creamy ivory/bisque color with greenish trim, all the original brass hardware is intact. The Cabriole legs and scroll feet are what I love the most. As you can see one of my younger sisters decided to place stickers on the dresser to "enhance" its aesthetic value. Well these damn stickers were hard as hell to get off. I did the wrong thing and used the end of a pair of scissors to scrap it off. Of course it left hideous scratch marks on the surface of several of the draws. 

Instead of using regular paint I decided the job would be easier to use spray paint. I went to the Home Depot and purchased the cheapest spray paint and primer they sold.

Before priming the wood I removed the hardware and hand-sanded the entire surface of the dresser. It was a tedious job I tell you. I wore a mask to cover my mouth and nose because being 7 months pregnant I didn't want to inhale any dusk and toxins. After one coat of primer the drawers looked like this:

The trunk of the dresser I didn't get a before picture, but here it is after I primed and painted it.

With just primer:

Here are the draws after primer and paint:

And now for the finished product ...drum roll please...

Yes I know the scraping of the stickers is very noticeable, but I'm satisfied with the finish product. On to the next project . . .