Homeopathic Immunizations

To vax or not to vax . . .  This is the question I've been researching for the last year. I recently, last night, found a new element to this whole vaccination topic: Homeopathic Immunizations or Homeoprophylaxis (HP). Its been around for over 200 years and has been proven to be a safer alternative to traditional vaccination methods. So what exactly is it you ask? Well let me explain. All information below is from the wonderful resource Organic Life Love's site here.


Homeoprophylaxis is a highly dilute preparation from a disease product i.e. from the sputum of an individual with the disease, or in the case of influenzium (homeopathic version of the flu shot), the four viruses selected by the WHO for the annual flu vaccine. 

It works by naturally strengthening the resistance of the individual instead of targeting the pathogen, bacteria, or virus that causes the epidemic disease.  For this reason pathogens can never develop a resistance to the prophylactics.

Homeopathic immunization protects those that traditional vaccines are unsuitable (such as those who have had adverse reactions to other vaccines, the malnourished, the sick and deblitated, the immune-compromised, the pregnant, those allergic to vaccine materials, and those on steroids.)

It is also highly effective for travelers that need specific disease prevention going into a particular area.

Comparing the differences between vaccines and homeopathic immunization


  • Material dose; live, attenuated or killed virus, bacteria, toxin, in crude dose
  • Adjuvants to stimulate allergic repsonse and other additives with the possibility of other viruses, human fetus tissue, and DNA, animal byproducts etc.
  • Preservatives such as thiomersal, formaldehyde etc.
  • Germ/adjuvants injected directly into the blood stream bypassing peripheral immune system
  • Multiple diseases given at once
  • Specific antibody production expected in immune systems that are too immature to produce antibodies (infants til 1-2 years of age)


  • Energetic dose; substances are potentized/diluted to reduce material dose but retain memory of disease/pathogen
  • Nosodes are sourced from pure germ/viral culture or human discharge response to the  germ
  • No adjuvants, preservatives or contaminants
  • Administered orally with sugar pellets
  • Single disease at a time
  • From birth on general immune system functions are fully active and therefore responsive to general stimulation


1)  Many people recommend strongly:  Dr. Howard Schlachter  228 Roseland Ave  Essex Fells, NJ 07021  973-226-8393 
2)  Auletta Maria MD 23 South Main Street  # 25  Manville, NJ 08835-1801 (908) 243-0088   I live in cetnral NJ and this is my family doctor-almost 90% of her patients are family with vaccine free children.
3) Pediatric Associates in Neptune NJ. 
4) Dr. Fisch in Oradell NJ

5) South NJ area: Haddon Pediatric Group (Dr. Schlitt- not sure which one, there are three).  Accept Non vaccinated babies and children without problem.   They have offices in Mullica Hill and Haddon Heights. http://www.advocaredoctors.com

6) There is a really good doctor in Hillsborough NJ that accepts unvaccinated kids and respects being vaccine free her name is Dr Li Jiang and the clinic is Hills Pediatrics 908 725 0875

7) Oradell -Dr Rosen of the Whope Child Center

8) Hackettstown, Warren County.  Dr. Chi. 



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