CC is 7 Months Old!

CC is seven months! True to her Aries nature she is a bundle of energy and loves physicality. She is already standing on her own (for about 3 seconds). She is determined to free-stand and just last night she attempted to move on foot to take a step! She is moving fast. I estimate by Christmas she will be walking. She loves to wrestle with her sister and doesn't mind getting knocked around. When she doesn't like something or when SJ is unwilling to share with her she will let out a loud bellow and charge her. It's the funniest thing I've ever seen. She loves water. I guess our summer trip to PR got her acclimated to being in water. She goes gaga over bath time.

She is still a strong nurser and unlike her sister has a strong attachment to me. She has finally allowed D to occupy her while I'm away, but as soon as I'm in her presence she only wants to nurse.

CC and her GMy