Baby's First Big Toy

Yesterday my MIL, Goddaughter, Lil' D, and I went to Buy Buy Baby to purchase a playmate. After looking at various items we decided on the one you see below.



The Baby's Play Place™ Deluxe Edition was for $79.99. When I presented it to Lil' D  she was all smiley for a minute then she began to use her little foot to push the sides. She was not impressed with the singing lady bug or the mirror. Hopefully as she gets older and can sit up by herself she will be more engaged with the toy. Shit for $80 I hope she grows to like it. SMH. . .


Our next purchase for the little one will be this:

This is the Pewi from It costs $60.

"After first steps come many more, and this sleek and innovative walker makes it easy. As early as nine months, little ones can use the Pewi for balance while they get the hang of walking. And just so you get the most out of your money, the Pewi transitions into use as a fun ride-on toy for kids up to 3 years!


Why it's a giggle pick: Unlike walkers where the baby is suspended from a seat, the Pewi teaches a child body balance and motor skills."