Puerto Rico 2013

We are back from our annual trip to Puerto Rico.


I packed enough for a trip around the world and back, add on all the young children equipment (i.e., stroller base, two car seats w/ base, potty, organic whole milk, breast pump, diapers and pull ups) and you got a stressful situation.


We took an early morning flight to P.R. which was ideal for the girls' schedule. Everyone slept the majority of the three and a half hour flight (I'll share all the items I packed in my carry-on for toddler entertainment in a subsequent post). I kept CC in my Moby Wrap from the time we arrived to the airport to we reached the condo. Going through security was one-two-three because of the wrap. I just wish we could travel with less stuff. I love how TSA, other travelers, and airline personnel give you special treatment when flying with small kids.  Since having children, D and I either fly first class or the very last row of seats on the plane. SJ (Lil D) had her own seat this time so we had quite a bit of space to move around.

We always stay at the Racquet Club in Isla Verde. Its central to all highways, super markets, restaurants, and beaches. 

 Once we touched down in P.R. CC became a totally different baby. No more crying fits and only wanting Mommy. She allowed everyone to hold her and didn't cry much at all. The Puerto Rican sun agreed with her. It was kind of freaky how mellow she was while we were away.


This trip made me appreciate all the times I've gone to the beach prior to having children. Babies+ Beach+Sand = Disaster waiting to happen. Between lathering SJ and CC up in coconut oil (worked well) and telling SJ to not throw sand in CC's face it was a nerve racking experience. 

 As you can see above this fool brought his pitbulls to the beach and guess what one (the one to the left) got loose!! Chile' I picked up my babies so fast and hightailed it to the water in like 3 seconds flat. The picture of SJ, on the lower right was taken right before the beast got loose. 

Enjoying a pina colada daily was on the menu.

Half way through our stay we decided we wanted to visit Vieques, one of the island off the main Puerto Rico island, for the day. Well we woke up at 4:00 in the morning and drove an hour to Fajardo to purchase tickets for the ferry. We didn't make it, the port was soooo crowded with people traveling to Culebra, another island, that we just said F it and decided to return a different day. Because we were on that side of the island we decided to brave the environment and visit the rainforest, El Yunque. We hiked the half a mile trail to the Cascada La Mina. The other parts of the forest we looked at via a car ride, because the trail took everything out of us.

You see my homemade wrap. It was just 5 yards of a breathable, stretchy material from Walmart. Cost $7.

Beach hopping was a daily adventure

The kids got the sniffles towards the end of the vacay, a trip to the 24 hour Walgreens for Vicks and nasal saline was in order.

  We visited Viejo San Juan for more exercise, lots of hills, and to visit El Morro. We also got tasty coconut treats.



In the extreme heat he visited the fortress, El Morro.

It was so hot we had to take a quick stop to the plaza to get wet


Condado Beach