Hospitals Are Failing Black Women

If you have been reading my blog you know I am a strong advocate for natural birth. A coworker just shared an article in which Serena Williams shared her birth story. Let's just say after reading it a range of emotions hit me at once. EMPATHY. . . SADNESS. . . ANGER. . . PAIN. Here is a woman who is in superior shape, her body is flawlessly perfect, unable to experience a birth without complications. This has transcended socio-economics and reached the common denominator, RACE. Black women are dying at a rate THREE times higher than white women during childbirth. This seems like a conspiracy, right?! How is this happening? Why has this not been shouted from the rooftops, similar to the MMR vaccine effecting Black boys so severely? What does the CDC and WHO have to say about this? Not much because the crime is against Black women.


I have been in a heightened state of awareness in regards to how the "system" has been set up to reduce the population of certain demographics {read between the lines}. I am currently reading, BLACK MATTERS: The Scientific Intervention In Our Affairs by ZaZa Ali, and my mind is just blown away by her research. If you want FACTS with peer-reviewed sources please get all three volumes of her book. She speaks about Eugenics, abortion, and birthing a new nation. She shares how sinister and vile the system truly is in regards to melanated people. Its like if you can not sterilize us with faulty birth control, or persuade us with abortions, you catch us on the back end with killing us via C-sections and unnecessary birth interventions. 

I am tired of hearing about women dying during or after the labor of their first child due to C-Section complications. It's crazy!  Check out these articles on the topic:


Serena Williams Almost Died After Giving Birth. Her Story Is Shared By Black Women Across America

I pray we have a birth advocate in Serena Williams after her bout with giving birth in this country. 

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