My Visit to Flushing, Queens

My coworkers decided to visit Flushing in search of the best pork dumpling from one of the various food vendors in Flushing. They did the research on Yelp and off we went on the 7 train to the last stop in Queens.

We started our journey at Long Island City's Court Square stop and went to Flushing-Main Street.

After an uneventful forty minute ride we exited the train station to the sites of fruit stands, crowded sidewalks, and Asian language storefront signs.

Mrs. Bag Lady: I can't go anywhere with out at least three bags.

After trekking to street stalls we settled at the Crazy Cab for wine and more good eats.

As you see my protective style for the summer was a donut bun at the top of my head. I attempted to do other styles, but this was the easiest.

The Burmese Salad was great!