Guess What?!

I am nine weeks pregnant and feeling like shit on a stick. I've come to experience that each pregnancy is indeed different, but I wasn't expecting it to be this drastic. For the past six weeks I have felt so horrible. Unlike when I carried Lil D, I have had severe nausea, fatigue, and lack of appetite. Remember that 20 pounds from Lil D I spent the summer trying to work off and wasn't successful? Well . . . honey 12 pounds of that is gone and all I've been doing is sleeping. It's a crime I tell you. Baby Cruz #2 (BC2) has been making his/her presence known. Not just by making me feel like crap, but also I have a belly pouch! I am trying to discern if its left over Lil D fat or bloat. Either way I look pregnant and this didn't happen until after 24 weeks with Lil D. 


Me & Lil D (in utero) - 17 weeks 2 days

After the debacle that was Lil D's birth process I have found another midwife. Initially, I was heading towards having a home birth. I presented this idea to D and he asked me if I was on drugs. After thinking it over, considering the risks, I decided I was not totally comfortable with this either. So I began to research independent birthing centers in New Jersey. Guess what?! There are none, but in my search I arrived upon the practice of Dr. Lonnie Morris. I was truly impressed with her history and philosophy on birth. I made my first prenatal appointment for this coming Tuesday. Here practice is affiliated with Mountainside Hospital in Montclair, New Jersey. According to the 2011 NJ Department of Health data report, the c-section rate at this hospital is 39.4%... relatively low for New Jersey. I'm crossing my fingers and hoping this is a great fit. Now I have to request my medical records from the other GYN, ummm drama is sure to ensue.