Diaper Blues

"Thirty percent of the women interviewed for a new study published Monday in the journal Pediatrics said they'd experienced a time when they could not afford to buy the diapers their kids needed. And a full 8 percent reported that they would “stretch” the diapers they had when their supply was running short by leaving a wet diaper on their child or partially cleaning the diaper and reusing it." SOURCE


Before SJ was potty trained I spent about $150 a month for wipes and diapers. I remember CC's first month we went through three boxes of diapers (being breastfeed and all)! I was sick to death with friggin' Pampers, so here is what I did. First I begged D to speed up his efforts to potty train SJ, then I began to purchase the LUV brand diapers, and to take it even further I began to purchase whatever size diapers where on clearance (didn't matter that CC is a size 2 diaper, if size 5 were on clearance that is what she would be wearing). As I type this CC has on a size 5 diaper and SJ is freeballing it. You got to do what you got to do. 


"A 2010 study commissioned by diaper-maker Huggies found that one in three of the 1,513 U.S. mothers surveyed had cut back on essentials such as food, child care or utilities to afford diapers for their children. Of those surveyed, 26 percent were living below the poverty line, 32 percent were above poverty but living in financial hardship and 42 percent were not experiencing financial hardship." SOURCE

While on vacay we went out to eat and forgot to bring diapers, so CC had to wear D's tank top on her bum.