Kids Can Design

In my latest Parenting magazine I discovered an advert for a company that creates really nice gifts for your loved ones.  Kids Can Design is a super cool e-store which takes your little one's artwork into sterling silver jewelry. Check out the cool designs below.



Custom pendants are on sale for $49.99 and custom charms are $59.99. There is a 2-3 week turn around time for your custom items. 

Blurb about the company:

At KidzCanDesign we specialize in converting your child’s work of art into a high quality sterling silver custom jewelry which can then be worn with pride by any member of the family. We can use any of their traditional drawings created on a piece of paper, or an image created using computer software. If they can draw it and you can send it to us, we can then, to your delight, place those beautiful creations on either a Pendant or Charm which your son, your daughter, or you, the parent, can then wear with pride, letting everyone know that it was your child who stands proudly behind this work of art.