Happy Father's Day!

 "I cannot think of any need in childhood as strong as the need for a father's protection."

-- Sigmund Freud 

D spent his first Father's Day amongst family and friends, but first he spent the morning with his two main girls.

Lil D + D . . . twins

 D's first Father's Day went off without a hitch. I surprised him and invited his family to have dinner with us at this new buffet restaurant in Secaucus. He was surprised and speechless {esp. because we have been Beefin'- HARD!}. We ate then we hung out at in the courtyard near the restaurant after dinner reminiscing and just chillaxing.  

Lil' D + her Bisabuela {As you can see her new favorite thing is her thumb}

Me focused on my manicure

Focused . . .

The Fam

Check out my comb over-- H.A.M.

Ms. Lady checking out the sights

The Kings!

Lil' D + her Titi

 Danny got a LOT of gifts! He said it was better then Christmas {smiles}.Lil' D and I got him a Pictures On Gold {here} solid gold charm. I got the back inscribed with the words, "lo más importante en la vida. . . familia Happy First Father's Day" I loved it so much I highjacked!