Cleaning Lil D's Closet


Lil D's big soiree is in 6 weeks and my house is a wreck. Each week I am attempting to tackle one room. This week is Lil D's room {crib going back into her room} and our closet. D and I spent the morning sorting through our closets pulling out clothing to be donated to the Goodwill/ Salvation Army. After a long day of sorting D decided he would cook dinner.

Peeling a casava into a trash bag {while on his cell phone recruiting a player}.

As a result of cooking while talking my stove, which was cleaned this morning, is a hot mess!

I was told to leave the kitchen because I was breaking his concentration. ME??!! All I asked was why we having breakfast food for dinner. Men...

So the menu for tonight's dinner is callaloo and saltfish, dumpling {he called to tell me he didn't see any in the store-- I had to tell him you make it with flour and water}, banana, and yam.

 As my husband is "cooking", Lil D and I are in her room sorting clothing. It was time to clean her closet, I did mine earlier this morning. I put everything she can not fit into two large ziplock bags and will place them in storage in the attic {for baby number two}.

This little girl has so many clothes. Her closet looks like mine and her papi's.

Sectioned everything and made it presentable.

Helping mommy by not eating the cardboard box.



Need more seasoning, but it was edible. Will take some for lunch tomorrow. ;-)