Back to Work Again

Today I got a surprise! My parents purchased me a Kindle for my birthday and it arrived UPS. I already downloaded two books from one of my favorite authors Brenda Jackson. 


My new Kindle is not what I want to post about, its my maternity leave. It's over! Due to the neglience of my PayRoll Secretary, my oversight, and just a F'ed up system I have to return to work four weeks before my planned date. I really dropped the ball, and I forgot a lesson I learned at a very young age.

Lesson: Never rely on others to do their job when it concerns your wellbeing. Handle shit yourself, so when things go wrong, as they often do, you have no one to blame but you.

I could really kick myself! Six weeks of maternity leave is a JOKE! Just like I wasn't prepared to have my baby two weeks before my due date, I am not prepared to return for another month. Oh well this is just more motivation to get my shit together {By shit I mean my financials}. So on Monday I'll be back on the grind. Lil' D will be in good hands with her Abuela, so I'll try not to fret.


As you can see I am prepared with at least 3 weeks worth of frozen milk. Pumping at work has me a little vexed. I planned to pump three times a day, on my preps {8 a.m, 11 a.m., 1:30, and 3:30}. That should prevent me from getting engorged. It seems like a lot of milk. I know it will be because it seems like when I'm away from her I produce more. I got to read up on pumping at work. {Look--> Lil' D's placenta in the background there is wondering when its going to get planted.}