First Day Back to Work

My first day back to work was Monday. Lil' D stayed with her Abuela and all went well. I only called once to check-in with her and that was at 1:00 p.m., no need to harass anybody because I'm going through baby withdrawal. I dealt with it {silently}. To make me smile through my gloomy separation anxiety my wonderful little sisters sent me a sweet note attached to an Edible Arrangements' bouquet. Thanks Lennie + Olivia! Love you much!

Upon returning home D decided we should commemorate the day with a backyard photo shoot. Check out our pics below.

Loving the rose gold graduated beads necklace and earrings O3 purchased me for my birthday.

O2 got me a wonderful shimmering eyeshadow case that is HAWT{put some on at the beginning of the day--as you can see by 5 p.m. it was all gone}. 

Day two of work some kid stole my FRIGGIN' PHONE. So much for a stress-free transition back to work.