How to Tame a Tantrum 1-2-3

Jesus help me. I am having a very hard time coping with SJ's tantrums. On average she has two a day and during one of them she will pee on herself if you don't coddle her fast enough. I'M NOT READY! She cries for everything! Prior to CC's birth she didn't have any tantrum and the last 9 months she has been making up for lost time. I pray she grows out of this developmental stage quickly and CC just skips right over it.


I've been researching how to tame a tantrum and here's what I've arrived upon:

  • Empathize, empathize, empathize
  • Avoid the panic response.  
  • Remember to breathe.  
  • Make eye contact.  
  • Show affection.  
  • Offer a snack
  • Get some rest.  
  • Water!   
  • Go outside.  
  • Use fun/whimsy/distraction.