Thrush: Unsolicited Advice

At my OB's office today.


Older Woman {OW}: Uwww! Look at that baby's tongue.

Me: I know we have been battling this thrush for 3 weeks. That's why I am here today.

OW: I have 8 kids, you know what you need to do?

Me:  WOW 8! No what do you suggest?

OW: You got to get you some Boric Acid . . .

Me: Boric Acid?! That's a new one.

Lettie: Isn't that what Mommy used to get rid of the ants?

OW: {Ignoring Lettie} Yeah, so you take one tablespoon of the Boric Acid and mix it in some water. You got to sterilize the water now.

Me: Okay, one tablespoon, boil water... okay.

OW: So you mix them make a paste and put it on that baby's tongue. It will take that thrush right out. You know what they say also works? Having a drunk person breath in the baby's face.


Me: {Blank stare}