Is It Really Shaken Baby Syndrome?

On my quest to learn all I can about vaccinations and immunizations I arrived upon an article that links the diagnosis of Shaken Baby Syndrome and the DTaP vaccine. Check it out.

The connection between vaccines and Shaken Baby Syndrome from Health Wyze:

Shaken baby syndrome usually occurs when an infant has had lots of help from the medical establishment and he remains too weak to survive the toxic onslaught from vaccines.

Despite its known risks, the DTP vaccine was sold for use on infants and children for 48 years before the "safer" DTaP formulation was marketed. Wyeth (now Pfizer) blamed the F.D.A. for having an approval process that is too slow, but it was more likely due to the fact that they stalled the process themselves, because DTP is more profitable than DTaP. The newer DTaP vaccine still causes the same brain swelling reaction (encephalitis) that is blamed upon shaken baby syndrome. The biggest change is that it has become illegal to sue vaccine manufacturers, which is an unconstitutional privilege that is shared with no other industry.

"Human shaking may cause lethal brain stem and cervical spine injuries in a 0-to 2-year-old child, as the forces necessary for these injuries are well below the level needed for fatal brain injuries and are consistent with the forces that can be produced in shaking."

-- Chris Van Ee, Ph.D., Injury Biomechanics Researcher

There is strong evidence that it is impossible to induce the type of brain injury that is found in cases of shaken baby syndrome without first causing extreme neck and spinal injuries. However, spinal injuries are virtually never seen in these cases of alleged abuse.

An analysis of available shaken baby syndrome cases reveals two distinct patterns: 

      • The infant was usually delivered prematurely, or there were other complications during pregnancy, and the delivery supposedly required medical "help".
      • The symptoms almost always appear within 15 days of vaccinations, and the overwhelming majority of cases happened within 10 days of vaccinations. A surprisingly high percentage of shaken baby cases were within 2 days of vaccinations.

Real research into the causes of shaken baby syndrome is lacking, because there can be no controlled studies. Such studies would involve killing infants, or at least exposing them to a very high risk of harm. Nevertheless, lives and families are being destroyed on the basis of fraudulent scientific evidence. The parents of vaccinated children who suffer with encephalitis must be tried for murder; lest the doctors and hospitals be held accountable. The manufacturers have already been legally immune since 1986.


Source: Health Wyze.Org