What’s In That Water?!

Water is THE most essential element in life, yet the powers that be believe poisonings our country’s supply via fracking and industrial population is acceptable to big business’ bottom line.

The American Society of Civil Engineers gave the U.S. a "D" grade for the quality of its drinking water systems based on an evaluation of their safety, condition, capacity and other criteria. Of the 25 states with individual grades, none scored higher than a "C+."  Pennsylvania, Louisiana, Arkansas and Alaska all received “D” grades. (https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/2017/08/14/63-million-americans-exposed-unsafe-drinking-water/564278001/)

CEO of Nestle considers clean water to NOT be a right for all. This is not surprising , from such a savage businessman. It is people in power like him who don’t find the water crisis in Flint to be a natural disaster.

As I explained to my littles the importance of clear water to them I created an experiment to illustrate my point. We used a pH kit to test the acidity of various sources of water. Check out the video below:

I remember comedian Earthquake joking about how basic things like air would be monetized in the future. Look at us paying $4 for “pure” spring water in a plastic bottle. Oh the irony. As Earthquake said, “I’m a have to put my air in my momma name.” What is your main source of water? Do you have a bottle service? Drink tap water? Have a water distiller?

For more than two years I’ve been drinking primarily bottled distilled water. I’ve been researching the best water distiller for home use.