Not the Nanny was inspired by a story my mother once told me about an incident that happened to her and I when I was a toddler. She was in public, maybe at the mall,  pushing me in my stroller when a random woman approached her and spoke the words, "Ahhh she's such a cute baby, is she yours?". Yeah, people are just that bold. My ethnicity being Jamarican (Jamaican + American) and my husband being a DominiRican (Dominican + Puerto Rican) our offspring have the possibility of ranging in complexion from LSLH (light skin with long hair) to rich chocolate brown. I can just imagine some of the comments I'll receive. Not so much in the NJ/NY area, but once I go home to Baltimore and further south it may be interesting.


We will be raising bi-racial children in a racist world in hopes that they will embrace their heritage and be individuals able to make sensible decisions about race and their identities. As a teacher I know children do as they are taught. Both Latino, African-American, and Jamaican culture will be taught in our home. On any given day you'll hear patois, Spanish, and English. This blog will relay my thoughts and feelings towards the topic of raising culturally competent children as well as my adventures in motherhood. I hope you enjoy!



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