CC is 4 Months Old!

CC is four months old and a squirmy, babbling bundle of squeals.

Ms. CC is ready to EAT, with her no teeth self. Everytime we hold her while eating she tries in vain to reach for the food to place in her month. I know at this age many people decide to feed their babies rice cereal. This usually results in many health ailments later in life {check it here} due to babies "open guts". SJ was given other sources of nourishment besides breast milk at six months {check it out here}. I'll more than likely delay doing this for CC until month eight or nine. As I mentioned before I plan to nurse CC well into her second year, so I want to do things differently. 



 Photo Credit: Photo Op NYC

My Little CC is 3 Months Old

Little CC is three months old. She is a sweet bundle of squirmy, cooing, and gurgling joy. She has grown out of her crying constantly stage, and even allows her Papi to hold her without having a fit. CC loves to be touched and kissed. SJ has taken up the role of official kisser. CC also loves to be outdoors. I wrap her in the Moby Wrap and we take walks around the neighborhood.

CC has replaced my breast with her fingers as her favorite chew toy. She brings both hands together and open and closes her fingers with ease. When placed on her belly she can scoot around 180 degrees.


I have lost twenty pounds since my last pre-natal appointment (40 weeks). I just have to tighten up my abs. I have not felt up to really exercising, so I keep it simple with pilates and power walking. My pelvic floor feels weak and I'm always achy. My diet is simple lean organic chicken breast,chhard/kale/spinach salad mix, fruits, nuts, and  water. I gave up the oatmeal, rice, and grains in an effort to slim down.


My Little CC is 2 Months Old

Our little CC is already two months old. I know it seems fast. 


Here are her latest developments:

  • Smiled at 5 weeks
  • Has head control while on tummy at 8 weeks
  • Daneli is definitely a morning person. Her most alert times are between 4 to 6 a.m.
  • Coos and gurgles to express delight
  • Beginning to open hands fully

Below is her birth announcement created by my go to graphic designer, Jill of 311 Graphics.


CC's First Doctor's Appointment

Today, Day 6 of life, CC had her first official doctor's appointment. We decided not to give the Vitamin K, Hep B, and eye ointment at birth, so I was curious to see what Doctor Charlie would say to all this. Also, I told him we decided to wait until 2 months to begin vaccines. He was agreeable to this and offered me his suggested schedule of shots. I have to look up the brands he suggested, but they seem to work for me. This whole vaccine schedule has had me vexed for months now.