My Little CC is 3 Months Old

Little CC is three months old. She is a sweet bundle of squirmy, cooing, and gurgling joy. She has grown out of her crying constantly stage, and even allows her Papi to hold her without having a fit. CC loves to be touched and kissed. SJ has taken up the role of official kisser. CC also loves to be outdoors. I wrap her in the Moby Wrap and we take walks around the neighborhood.

CC has replaced my breast with her fingers as her favorite chew toy. She brings both hands together and open and closes her fingers with ease. When placed on her belly she can scoot around 180 degrees.


I have lost twenty pounds since my last pre-natal appointment (40 weeks). I just have to tighten up my abs. I have not felt up to really exercising, so I keep it simple with pilates and power walking. My pelvic floor feels weak and I'm always achy. My diet is simple lean organic chicken breast,chhard/kale/spinach salad mix, fruits, nuts, and  water. I gave up the oatmeal, rice, and grains in an effort to slim down.