Adjusting to Having a Little Sister

Since the birth of CC, 11 days to be exact, we have notice a tremendous change in Lil D. A change that resulted in me being in the ER for 4 hours last Wednesday. Lil D obviously loves her little sister, but she loves being the center of attention more. Who knew that a two year old could intensify their tantrums to another level. D returned to work and for two days I had CC and Lil D by myself. Honey, I was not ready! When D is here he acts as a buffer when Lil D wants to sit on my lap right along side of the baby or wants me to constantly pick her up. Without him I got the full arsenal of Lil D's attacks. I feel bad because every hour I had to put her on time out to relax and give me a second to breath. Because the weather is getting warmer, and I purchased the rumble seat for our stroller, we will be having daily walks around the neighborhood and to the park to expel some of Lil D's energy.


Lil D on the way to the party in her polka dot outfit

Lil D got her personalized chef's hat and apron along with a Elmo balloon



Lil D's Last Day as an Only Child- Part One Birth Story BC2

Today was Lil D's official last day as an only child. We {her and I} began our day with breakfast at IHOP. She was a big girl and got her own meal (the silver dollar pancake meal). From the restaurant we ventured to my 40 week appointment with our midwife. At the appointment Rachel, our midwife, checked me and stated I was 50% effaced and 4 centimeters dilated. She asked me if I wanted her to strip my membranes, big change from before when I was violated without permission. I allowed her to do this and went on my way. I got home and began to feel super crampy and just off. I posted Lil D in front of the television and sat down to relax. After being home for about an hour we heard the doorbell ring. Guess who made a surprise visit?! My Daddy. He took the Megabus up from Baltimore to spend a few hours with us. Yes I know this may sound rather strange, but not for William. Got to love him! So we hung out for about 3 hours then he headed back into NYC to catch a 7:30 p.m. bus back to Baltimore. 


Once we walked him to the bus stop at the end of our street I called our neighbor and confirmed our playdate, I forgot to mention before Daddy rung the bell we had a 2:30 playdate. Lil D and I hung out next door until like 7:00 p.m. This is when I went from coping with the uncomfortable feelings my body was experiencing to being in full blown contraction mode. D arrived home at a little after 8 to find me deep breathing and gathering everything to prepare for my admittance to the hospital. I had been having contractions for the past hour and they were 5-7 minutes apart. I'll continue my birth journey in a part two post. Stay Tuned . . .


Lil D's last day as an only child.

Her Outfit: Jordache Jeans + Flower (Walmart) | Denim shoes (Gap Outlet) | Tunic (Target)



Happy Easter 2013

Happy Easter everyone! We don't "celebrate" Easter as I explained before {here}, but I love the festive, pastely atmosphere that surrounds the holiday. Nevertheless, I wanted to dress Lil D up and take pictures to commemorate the last day of March. Check out our photo shoot.

My little one, who once loved to take pictures, has become an obstinate, screamer who wants to do the opposite of whatever Mommy suggests she does {hence the crazy hair she will not let me touch}.

She is styling in her Michael Kors shoes from Titi Lettie, her faux fur jacket from Abuela, and dress from PopPop.

After shooting outside it was tea time, we couldn't find the tea pot but we made it work.

Yesterday we ventured to the Turtle Back Zoo, in West Orange, for a family day. It's officially our Spring Break from work for D and I, so we wanted to spend as much quality time with Lil D before BC2 arrives.

38 weeks baby . . .



Lil D is Two!!

Today marks the second birthday of my Lil D. D and I kept the celebration to the bare minimum because we are having a big shindig this weekend. No cake tonight, just Financier Patisserie's macarons in CASSIS, CHOCOLATE, HAZELNUT, and RASPBERRY flavors. 

And of course a high five for Papi once the candle were successfully blown out.

Not one to spend hundreds of dollars on toys which she will forget about in a week, we decided to purchase Lil D an iPad Mini for her second birthday. Yeah I know what you're thinking... "who buys an iPad for a 2 year old?"


Last year it was all about the Kindle Fire, I have one and the apps for toddlers suck. After looking into the Apple apps I decided the extra money would be worth it and I always wanted an iPad. I went on eBay to purchase the Teflon of cases, the OtterBox, so it will withstand Lil D's tantrums and throwing spells. Because we spend a lot of time in our cars, this new iPad will serve as the perfect long car ride pacifier. We might even be able to enjoy a nice dinner in a restaurant without a major meltdown. The iPad will be the new accessory in our diaper bag.

Many will ask why the hell we would spend $500 on a "toy" for a 2 year old. Well here are our reasons {not that any will make sense to you, but hey I'll try}:

  1. Parents may spend hundreds of dollars on in-car dvd systems and such to entertain their children while in their vehicles. Not going to do. We live in car theft capital of the USA, not a good idea. 
  2. It's more educational than television. The available educational apps seem endless.
  3. It beats having to spend a mint on educational dvds. We already spent $100 on the Preschool Prep dvds.
  4. Lil D won't have a fisticuff with me for my iPhone.
  5. If we are going to spend money on digital educational aids I would rather it be the best technology on the market than a poor substitute.
  6. Back to the tv element. I love this quote about the detrimental elements of tv. "The content kids see on their TV sets is mostly mind-numbing, soul-deadening, formulaic consumerist crap, punctuated by sophisticated ad campaigns designed to transform children into mindless consumers." {Source}
  7. Being a teacher, especially for children with learning disabilities, I've witnessed the wonders of an iPad as a teaching aid. 
  8. We want to help foster critical thinkers. We realize the limited amount of true tactile engagement children gain via a screen (tv, dvd, iPad). The use of the iPad will be balanced with more cognitive and sensor stimulating activities like playing outside or helping us cook or clean the house, but Mommy also wanted an iPad to use.
  9. I'm a true "buppie" . . . I mean why else would I spend so much on a gift for a toddler. ;-)

Experiencing her new iPad Mini

 I can't wait to witness Lil D's reaction to everyone singing her Happy Birthday and her blowing out the candles on her big cake this weekend.


A little song for you.



Lil D is almost 22 months!

In a week Lil D will be 22 months and I will be 7 months pregnant with BC2. Lil D is truly a toddler in every sense of the word. She strives for independence and loves to show what she knows. This month her major milestones are below:

  • Lil D loves story time. I read at least 3 books to her a night.
  • Lil D has developed a fascination with stacking blocks and placing objects is straight rows {very compulsive behavior}
  • Lil D understands when things are hot. Instead of saying hot she will blow on the object, its so cute to watch. She does it to the space heater and radiators quite often.
  • Lil D loves to sit in her little silver rocking chair and pretend to read.
  • Lil D and I have daily power struggles, because in her mind her way is the only way. 
  • Lil D loves bath time and putting on body moisturizer, but she hates getting dressed.
  • Like her Mommy, Lil D loves to brush her teeth. She has 3 tooth brushes just randomly lying around the house for use when she feels like brushing.
  • Lil D's thumb sucking has caused an ugly blemish on both her thumbs. Sometimes the skin is broken and she will whine for someone to make it feel better.
  • Lil D has a bad habit of going up and down the steps by herself.
  • Lil D can kick and throw a ball, and swing a bat thanks to her Papi's instruction.
  • When D and I have a heated discussion in front of her she always adds her two sense in with her fingers wagging and much attitude.
  • Lil D loves to hugs and kiss freely.



We recently attended a second birthday party in Collegepointe, NY at a "Kid's Zone" type place. Lil D had a blast!

Jerry {birthday boy} and Lil D decided to give hugs before departing the party.

Lil D's Party Outfit

Gap kids leopard ruffle skirt I purchased from the Gap Outlet in Hagerstown last winter. The black scallop edged turtleneck I got for $2.70 at The Children's Place.


Our Latino Christmas Eve 2012 || Lil' D is 21 Months Old

Our December break is officially over, back to work tomorrow. I am going to be messed up because I have not gotten my sleeping pattern back on course. This post will highlight our break starting with our "Nochebuena" celebration at D's mother's house.


We ate dinner and waited until midnight to open our gifts. Lil D was not feeling the midnight festivities and needed a time-out on Papi's lap with her bottle.

Uncle Chino purchased Lil D a Brobee plush toy.

Lil D received not one but two Dora cellphones.

This year she got the hang of opening her own presents like a big girl.

As you can see I was exhausted, didn't get to take a nap.

Lil' D is 21 Months Old 




Lil D is almost 20 months!

Chile, my child is definitely experiencing her "Terrible Two's" in full force at 19 months 3 weeks of age. She is out-of-control with her manic tantrums and show of independent behavior, especially when we brave eating out at restaurants. The whole idea of keeping cool, calm, and collected while she spazzes out is a process D and I are working on, but we ain't ready!


So let's see, so much has happened since I last posted a blog entry. I am now ending my seventeenth week of pregnancy with BC2. We have begun the process of packing and staging our house to be put on the market. I had 3 weddings and one bridal shower within a six week period and I am pooped. My pregnancy has been progressing so rapidly, a lot of the changes my body is going through seem less significant then they were with Lil D. I felt flutters much more earlier than with Lil D, I felt them at 16 weeks. And I am showing much more than with my first pregnancy. So far I've gained about 4 pounds and haven't had much of an appetite. Hurricane Sandy hit New Jersey hard and we weathered the store by staying with my uncle and aunt and then with D's mother. After a week with no power in our home and traveling like gypsies I was sooooo happy to be sleeping in my own bed.



Sandy damage on our street 




Asked Papi to change Lil D's diaper and here is the result


Waiting for gas-- 3 hours

Lil D in her Halloween 2012 outfit {didn't get to see the light of day b/c of Sandy} | "Nurse in Training"


Home Depot run


We started our Election Day voting at 6 in the morning. I headed into the City for work, then we celebrated D's birthday at a very nice restaurant in West Orange.


Dinner for Papi's Birthday


Papi is 32! Woop! Woop!








17 weeks 4 days preggo | Excuse the mess we are packing to move {explanation in a subsequent post}.

Lil D at 20 months . . .

  • Lil D is truly becoming much more affectionate. She loves to cuddle, kiss, and hug.
  • Lil D mimics almost every action her Papi and I do. From sweeping, blowing our noses, and even trying to give people the thumbs up sign.
  • Lil D has resorted to hitting, biting, and tugging to get her way. Let's just say she's gotten a lot of "pow-pows" this month.
  • I've been mentioning everyday that Mommy is pregnant and pointing to my belly. Lil D has not realized the concept of "baby in belly", I believe she is too young.
  • Lil D does not like to put on clothes (change clothes), she has a fit whenever its time to get dressed
  • We haven't really practiced using a spoon and fork to eat, so this is a skill we need to work on.
  • Lil D definitely understands 200 or more words in Spanish and English.
  • Her language acquisition is developing slowly. She is talking in her gibberish language a lot mor 







Lil D is almost 17 months!

Lil D has the pleasure of having both her Auntie's up to visit during the same week. Thank goodness for this because D and I took full advantage of them being here. We logged in several hours of free baby sitting service.


With one week remaining in her 16 month, Lil D has made substantial growth in several areas. For instance:

  • Climbing up stairs is her biggest pleasure these days. When we don't hear her we know to look for her on the stairs because she's making her way up. Of course we could purchase $200 worth of kiddie gates, but who has time for this? She will climb up and then call to use to come get her down, because she knows she hasn't mastered this skill yet.
  • She has taken to using her little pink booster car as a place to sit when she wants to watch t.v. We have used it as a "time-out" chair. {See video}
  •  She is still holding strong at 21 pounds, and continues to grow taller. We are waiting for the big 30 mark to put her in her forward-facing car seat. I don't know when this will eve happen?!
  • Lil D loves to "write" and she is showing an inclination in her left hand. 
  • She insists on doing task by herself (i.e. brush her teeth, combing her hair, walking with out holding hands, and of course climbing steps.
  • Lil D loves the beach, and water in general. We planned to enroll her in a water safety class and our gym, but it hasn't happened yet.
  • Lil D continues to fuss when it's time to go to sleep, whether it be a nap or bedtime in the evening.
  • Throwing has been a new skill that Lil D has perfected. Everything she comes into contact with, including food, get heaved across the room.
  • She loves to try to open the refrigerator, and draws, and closets . . . I think she has a thing for doors.
  • Head banging and pulling hair are the newest, as in two weeks ago, quirks Lil D has developed.
  • No coherent words besides "EAT"
  • The final new skill Lil D has perfected is taking off her diaper. Not when she has soiled it, but right after you put on a fresh one. SMH...


TiTi Lettie @ Jersey Gardens Mall


At one of our favorite local Puerto Rican restaurants, Old San Juan in Saddle Brook, NJ

Giving us a lot of personality

Pushing the limits and seeing how Papi will react. Terrible Twos have definitely entered the building early with this child. Please excuse the price on the bottom of her shoe, it's Daffy's for you {BTW they are going out of business-- a tragic lose}.

Hanging out with TiTi Lesha and Tio Alie.

Striking a pose, something she does quite regularly.

Chillaxing with her TiTi Kaina. {This is what happens when you have a teenage aunt}

At the neighborhood park.

Lil D wanting to run with the big kids. And they big kids asking us why she doesn't talk, because she is as tall as some of them. LOL...


Lil D is almost 16 months!

Lil D's 15 month was filled with hot weather, graduations, pool-time, and the beach. The summer has arrived with a vengeance, but we're ready. Lil D has her little baby pool I pick up from Baby's R Us {Papi got her an inflatable one as well to travel with} and she loves going for a drip. My little one has finally said a word we can all understand and guess what it is . . . . EAT! Lol!

This summer will be filled with many trips to Baltimore, trips to Puerto Rico and St. Thomas., and I really want to make more of an effort to visit Cape May, NJ. Since we're begun our careers this will be the first summer D and I have not worked (well not including my planning business). It feels good to not be ruled by the time clock for two months and still get paid. Below are pictures of Lil D throughout her 15th month. 

@ TiTi Kaina's 8th Grade Graduation

Lil D wore her lime green satin dress from Carter's | The neon green bow came from Walmart and was only $1.

Our gift to Kaina was a picture of Lil D on gold pendant. Kaina loves her little niece, so the gift was perfect. 

Pool time with Mommy has been an everyday activity with the heat.


Dinner at Chipotle -- our bi-weekly trip. Its too damn hot to turn on stove.

Lil  D meeting baby Alana for first time. Alana's mom and I attended Penn State together and they were in Jersey, so they decided to stop over for a quick visit. Alana is two months older than Lil D and her unofficial Godsister.


Asbury Park Beach 2012

This was Lil D a year ago at Asbury. Time truly flies by FAST!


Lil D's Officially 15 Months

Lil D is officially 15 months old. Last week at her routine check up we got her latest stats and found her to be in the 86 percentile for height and 21 pounds. Doc mentioned she is tall and lean.

Lil D really performed for Dr. Barb: she refused to sit nicely on the examining table, she opened every draw in the room, and when it was time for her shoots she screamed like a wounded animal. D left the room with an anguished look on his face. As soon as I picked her up and put her in my arms she quieted down. Vaccinations are vital to our wellness, but damn if they don't make you want to slap a nurse for putting your baby through pain.

As part of the gift to the special men in my life, Lil D and I went to Sear's Portrait Studio for a Father's Day photo shoot. For D's second Father's Day, I racked my brain trying to think of an appropriate gift for a man who has all he desires and I came up blank. What he asked for was a Hell-to-the-no (floor tickets for a Miami Heat finals game), so I settled on photo gifts. Daddy received three 8"x10" canvas prints of the poses immediately below. D will get an 8"x10" collage print and I purchased a Living Social deal from ConnectMyDNA. D's new fascination is genealogy and Latino culture, so I thought this would be a fitting gift.




Daniella is almost 15 months

In about two weeks Lil D will be 15 months. 

Celebrating 31 years with Mommy at the Habachi Grill

Losing some inches --- no real weight lost. Went to the gym for 3 weeks straight then stopped. I'm too tired to continue waking up at 4:45 to get to the gym before work.

Wilmington, DE for Mother's Day Weekend

Hotel Dupont

Dinner in the City Memorial Day Weekend




Lil D at 15 Months . . . 


  • Climbing steps
  • Running
  • Mini explorer would rather roam around store than be confided to cart or stroller
  • Loves to open drawers and pull everything out onto the floor
  • Loves pineapple juice
  • Favorite foods -- black beans with brown rice | Wheat thins | guacamole
  • Has a fascination with pulling the tops off of pens
  • Loves to rummage through Mommy's handbag
  • More vocal then before... Will have a five minute "conversation" with you in her language
  • Loves to help out by placing things in trash bag/baskets
  • Understands "thank you" and "welcome"
  • Learning to express her feelings by screaming, "talking", and grunting
  • about 21 pounds

Going to the Doctor in two weeks for vaccinations and 15 month check up. We've been so busy we forgot her one-year check up, so its catch up time.



Easter 2012

Did you go to church on Easter Sunday? For the Christians of the world, Easter is the most important day of the church calendar. Since leaving my parents home I have not been a regular church member and I have moved away from many of the tenets of Christianity. I consider myself a Spiritual Agnostic. In the words of Karl Marx, I often feel "religion is the opiate of the masses". Many will disagree with me and try in vain to dissuade me from my belief, as most devout Christians do, but I am steadfast in my religious ideologies.

So what will we teach Lil' D, its simple:


  • What you put out in the universe you will get in return, tenfold. 
  • Treat people as you want to be treated.
  • Trust your gut and don't rely on anything/anyone to get what you need to do accomplished.


Being an avid reader and an enthusiast of the history of people of African descent, it is hard for me to completely embrace a system that ruled by brutality, fear, and control. I can't do it. Throughout history, Christianity is noted for making missionaries into mercenaries in their attempt to conquer.

 This was Lil D a year ago on Easter Sunday. . .


Lil D is 13 Months . . .

Lil D is moving from being an infant to a toddler here are her latest developments.


  •  Drinking about 24 ounces of organic whole milk a day
  • Can bend over a pick up an object
  • Walking -- every where
  • Responds to instructions {i.e. "Give me a kiss.", " Call Papi.", and "Bring me the ball."}
  • Can combine gestures and screams to make her desires known
  • Can imitate some gestures of others (i.e. turning her head from side-to-side and clapping hands)
  • Enjoys looking at herself in the mirror
  • No words yet
  • Can wave her hands like "Ms. America"
  • When encouraged to "talk" she will respond and hold a conversation.
  • Get excited when me or Papi arrives home. She calls out saying "hi".
  • Still nursing twice a day-- when she first wakes and before falling a sleep
  • Can brush her teeth by herself
  • Loves to interact with other children


Lil D's First Birthday Party Recap I

A year ago this week I was blessed with the birth of our daughter, Daniella S.J. Cruz. In the 12 short months she been in my life, she has totally changed the way I do, feel, and look at everything. She has been the ultimate gift, nothing anyone can give me will ever compare to the euphoric feeling I get when I see her. Lil D has made me realize that having children is indeed a full-time, 24 hour job, but its the best job I will every have. Being a mother has made me become more introspective and tranquil. Took me 30 years to get it together and feel comfortable enough with life to feel 100% prepared for a baby and I am super glad she arrive in our lives when she did. The time was right {and so were the finances}.


Its been a struggle . . .

12 short weeks of maternity leave

Pumping at work twice daily

Not having a good night's rest since October 2010

Regulating my diet to accomodate Lil D's fragile stomach

20 pound weight gain post pregnancy


Last weekend we celebrated Lil D's first birthday with a party at our house. We laughed, played, drank and unwrapped enough clothes to open a small children's boutique. Thank you to all my family and friends for helping to make the day so very special.




These pictures are from Monday, her actual birthday, we went to Cuban Pete's for dinner.

The Cruz's

Lil D is 11 Months!

Two more weeks and my little girl will be a year old!!! Wow, this is surreal, I remember vividly how I was counting down the weeks until my due date at this time last year. She is so fully of personality. Her temperament and personality mimics her father, more than mine. She is sociable, talkative {her baby language}, and loves to dance. Here are a list of her latest developements :

  • Lil D has been making word like sounds.
  • She understands the commands, "Kiss,Kiss", "Say hi", "Say Bye Bye", "No", and "Clap, Clap"
  • Lil D loves to play peek-a-boo
  • Lil D loves to dance and scream when excited.
  • Lil D will sit and listen when its Read Aloud time-- before she was trying to eat the book
  • She is teething again, so most things go into her mouth. She now has 7.5 teeth.
  • I've noticed she is sucking her thumb less.
  • Lil D can identify the Skype/Oovoo ring tone and looks for the video picture.
  • Lil D has not shown much separation anxiety.
  • Lil D loves when we play "Name that body part" game. She is tickled pink when you point to her nose or cheeks.
  • Lil D can imitate actions and facial expressions very well.
  • Her stance is getting stronger, but she has yet to take  steps without holding on.
  • Lil D loves to sit in the front basket of carts. Most times she fights to take the strap off and I end up putting her little butt in the big part of the cart with the groceries.
  • Abuela taught her to point, so she is pointing at everything --esp. lights. Just imagine how this went over in Vegas.
  • Lil D has learned to share. When you ask her for "some" of whatever she is eating, usually a cracker she will offer you a bite.


At the mall with Mommy. . .

Watching Papi clean the kitchen . . .

On the way to Baltimore in the car . . .


Last week we took a long ass flight to Vegas to accompany D on a recruiting trip. We saw the sights, ate at Chipotle daily, and got some while-you-wait ice cream. Check it out!

Lil D in the hotel room 

 Lil D dancing

Chilling on the 53rd floor of the Palms Place

Trying to Escape

Bored with shopping in the Bellagio






Lil D's First Snow Day

This morning we woke up to the first snow of the new year. I quickly bundled Lil D up, in 3 layers of clothing, and we headed to the back yard. She was fascinated by the whiteness and instantly wanted to touch it. 

Need to get this chickadee a pair of snow boots. Maybe some Uggs for next winter.


Latest with Lil' D-- 10 months old

I am pooped. We went to "Strong" Island last night for a first birthday party-- it was Lil' D's first birthday party. We ate good food, people ohhed and ahhhed at her, she did a little dance, and we took lots of pictures.

 I've been searching for a Latino caterer for her birthday party and it's been a headache. The company I wanted to use is no longer in business, so I have to search some more. I know of plenty in NYC, but I don't want to have to pay a huge delivery fee for a company to come across the water to Jersey. Anyway, apart from the food everything else is pretty much done-- well I still have to print about 5 more invitations. The custom stamps from Zazzle definitely added that flair I thought was missing, and they are are so cute. 

Mommy and Papi got new cars! As the year came to an end, D and I needed to turn in our cars and get new ones. Lil' D was on hand to "Test-Drive" the cars.


Lil D at 10 months...

  • You have begun to wave and love the attention you get from strangers. Definitely a social butterfly.
  • You have tantrums when you don't get what you want.
  • When Mommy says "No" and points her pointer finger at you, you immediately begin to cry.
  • You are a climber.
  • Much to Mommy's chagrin, you suck both thumbs.
  • You hate wearing shoes that aren't soft soled.
  • You love to cruise along any surface you can stand against.
  • You have 5.5 teeth and love to bite whatever is put in your mouth.
  • You love eating paper-- especially Mommy's magazines.
  • You dislike getting dressed and give Mommy + Papi a hard time when changing your diaper-- I think its just because you like being naked.
  • You got your first flu shot two weeks ago, and Mommy is still deciding if you needed it.
  • You love to eat sweet potatoes, Cheerios, and guacomole.
  • You have begun to test us with behaviors like throwing food on the floor and
  • Mommy + Papi have given up on trying to get you to sleep in your crib.
  • You showed the first signs of separation anxiety when we went to the Ped. for your 9.5 month appointment.
  • You've only been socialized around adults, so this summer you and Mommy will be attending Mommy + Me classes.
  • You love playtime with Papi. He really makes you LOL.
  • You are a lean 16 pounds, 12 ounces and 28 inches tall.


For the party, Lil D had on her Nicole Miller Kids outfit {my favorite kids design to date}. I love her trapeze styled tops and leggings. I got this outfit at the Lord and Taylor outlet store for $10.00! Its still a little big under the arms, but I put it on her anyway.


The birthday boy and his "Polo" cake.

Lil' D will be 9 months next week

I've been lied to. Many people told me the time before a baby can walk is the best time for parents of infants. LIE! LIE! LIE! D and I have not slept for more than 3 hours each night for the past 2 weeks. These people neglected to inform me that a teething baby is much to content with and once they learn how to pull themselves up it's a wrap.


So basically this is how our nights go, BTW we brought the crib into our bedroom to get her used to sleeping in it. Wrong answer!! So I hit the sack at about 9:30. Between 10 and 11, D comes to bed with a half sleep Lil D. Most times she will remain asleep, so we keep her in bed with us. Well Hunny, she's got her own program now. She will come to bed and whine and cry for about two hours. She doesn't want to nurse, be held, or patted on the back. After her tantrum she will try to pull herself up on the headboard, all the while she is stepping on our faces and "Dropping It Like It's Hot". At this point she is jovial, laughing and talking her baby language. D is huffing and puffing and I'm just looking at the alarm clock thinking, "Damn, I got to get up in 3 hours." No matter how many times we try to lie her down she attempts to climb right back up the headboard. Sick and tired of wrestling with her to get her to lie down and go to sleep one of us will put her in the crib. Lil D really puts on a show then. She will bang the crib rail, scream, and cry like someone is trying her abuse her little butt.  The longest we've been able to let her stand in her crib crying has been 15 minutes. Usually when we take her out she will go right to sleep. Two nights in a row we had to repeat the process of going from the headboard to the crib twice before she tired herself out from crying.


I'm ready for her to be grown already!! 

Updates on her development

At 35 weeks old Lil D' can/has:

Sit up by herself (this developed at the end of month 7)

Pull herself up to stand

Speed crawl

 Clap her hands and shake to the beat of music

Mimics when you poke your tongue out

4 teeth -- two on top, two right below

Tries to chase the cat around and gets super excited when cat is near her

When excited will make herself stiff and squeals in delight

Seems to understands the words "No" and "Stop"

Can pick up Mommy's heavy {empty}  tea mug

 Beginning to master the pincer grasp


Here are some pictures of Lil' D from our recent trip to Jamaica



My Baby's Poo Stinks

No more sweet smelling baby poo for Lil' D. We started to give her Happy Bellies Organic Brown Rice Cereal five days ago. The first cereal induced stool scared the mess out of me. I think she was startled too, because she realized the consistency was different then before. Initially I mixed the cereal with bottled water because I didn't have any thawed milk. Once I began work and started to pump again I began to put 1 tablespoon for every 2 ounces of breastmilk.
First go with rice cereal!
"When babies begin solid foods, the appearance and smell of their stools will change quite dramatically. This is particularly noticeable in breastfed babies, whose stools were previously of a smooth texture and relatively 'sweet' smelling!  Once your baby is introduced to solids, his stools will often be the colour of the food he ate."

Today we introduced Lil' D to mashed avocado. If you've been reading this blog from the beginning you know how anal I am about doing research about EVERYTHING. So I did some looking into the nutritional values of three food {banana, avocado, and sweet potato}, and decided to try out avocado first.

So I choose avocado as the first food because of its easy preparation and high nutritional value.
Nutrients in Avocados
VITAMINS: (one cup pureed) Vitamin A - 338 IU
Vitamin C - 20.2 mg
Vitamin B1 (thiamine) - .2 mg
Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) - .3 mg
Niacin - 3.9 mg
Folate - 205 mg
Pantothenic Acid - 3.3 mg
Vitamin B6 - .6 mg

Contains some other vitamins in small amounts.
MINERALS: (one medium)
Potassium - 1166 mg
Phosphorus - 124 mg
Magnesium - 67 mg
Calcium - 30 mg
Sodium - 18 mg
Iron - 1.4 mg

Also contains small amounts of selenium, manganese, copper and zinc.

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Meeting Abuelo

D's father finally got to meet Lil' D two weeks ago today. He made the journey from Connecticut to take us out to dinner. We ate at the Brasilia Grill in the Ironbound section of Newark-- the all you can eat meat was not bad.


The Cruz Trio. When I look at this picture I see the strength of the Cruz genes.


Updates . . . 

We go to work... well I go to work in two weeks and I am excited and apprehensive all rolled into one. After teaching summer school Lil' D and I have been spending quality time together doing all the things we love-- napping, shopping, and eating. I tried the workout with your baby routine and that worked for all of two days before it got old. I plan to just power walk to and from work beginning September 7. I have to loose this extra 25 pounds by my sister's weeding week. It won't be so hard this way because I am afraid to go on the subway now that we have been experiencing earthquakes.


Unlike most people who work year-round, in our household the end of August/September is the beginning of our busy season. This year particularly, I have four events between September and October between Baltimore and New Jersey. In addition, we will be travelling with D to all of his away games- He is officially the head volleyball coach at St. Peter's College {check it here}.