Lil D is almost 22 months!

In a week Lil D will be 22 months and I will be 7 months pregnant with BC2. Lil D is truly a toddler in every sense of the word. She strives for independence and loves to show what she knows. This month her major milestones are below:

  • Lil D loves story time. I read at least 3 books to her a night.
  • Lil D has developed a fascination with stacking blocks and placing objects is straight rows {very compulsive behavior}
  • Lil D understands when things are hot. Instead of saying hot she will blow on the object, its so cute to watch. She does it to the space heater and radiators quite often.
  • Lil D loves to sit in her little silver rocking chair and pretend to read.
  • Lil D and I have daily power struggles, because in her mind her way is the only way. 
  • Lil D loves bath time and putting on body moisturizer, but she hates getting dressed.
  • Like her Mommy, Lil D loves to brush her teeth. She has 3 tooth brushes just randomly lying around the house for use when she feels like brushing.
  • Lil D's thumb sucking has caused an ugly blemish on both her thumbs. Sometimes the skin is broken and she will whine for someone to make it feel better.
  • Lil D has a bad habit of going up and down the steps by herself.
  • Lil D can kick and throw a ball, and swing a bat thanks to her Papi's instruction.
  • When D and I have a heated discussion in front of her she always adds her two sense in with her fingers wagging and much attitude.
  • Lil D loves to hugs and kiss freely.



We recently attended a second birthday party in Collegepointe, NY at a "Kid's Zone" type place. Lil D had a blast!

Jerry {birthday boy} and Lil D decided to give hugs before departing the party.

Lil D's Party Outfit

Gap kids leopard ruffle skirt I purchased from the Gap Outlet in Hagerstown last winter. The black scallop edged turtleneck I got for $2.70 at The Children's Place.