Lil D is Two!!

Today marks the second birthday of my Lil D. D and I kept the celebration to the bare minimum because we are having a big shindig this weekend. No cake tonight, just Financier Patisserie's macarons in CASSIS, CHOCOLATE, HAZELNUT, and RASPBERRY flavors. 

And of course a high five for Papi once the candle were successfully blown out.

Not one to spend hundreds of dollars on toys which she will forget about in a week, we decided to purchase Lil D an iPad Mini for her second birthday. Yeah I know what you're thinking... "who buys an iPad for a 2 year old?"


Last year it was all about the Kindle Fire, I have one and the apps for toddlers suck. After looking into the Apple apps I decided the extra money would be worth it and I always wanted an iPad. I went on eBay to purchase the Teflon of cases, the OtterBox, so it will withstand Lil D's tantrums and throwing spells. Because we spend a lot of time in our cars, this new iPad will serve as the perfect long car ride pacifier. We might even be able to enjoy a nice dinner in a restaurant without a major meltdown. The iPad will be the new accessory in our diaper bag.

Many will ask why the hell we would spend $500 on a "toy" for a 2 year old. Well here are our reasons {not that any will make sense to you, but hey I'll try}:

  1. Parents may spend hundreds of dollars on in-car dvd systems and such to entertain their children while in their vehicles. Not going to do. We live in car theft capital of the USA, not a good idea. 
  2. It's more educational than television. The available educational apps seem endless.
  3. It beats having to spend a mint on educational dvds. We already spent $100 on the Preschool Prep dvds.
  4. Lil D won't have a fisticuff with me for my iPhone.
  5. If we are going to spend money on digital educational aids I would rather it be the best technology on the market than a poor substitute.
  6. Back to the tv element. I love this quote about the detrimental elements of tv. "The content kids see on their TV sets is mostly mind-numbing, soul-deadening, formulaic consumerist crap, punctuated by sophisticated ad campaigns designed to transform children into mindless consumers." {Source}
  7. Being a teacher, especially for children with learning disabilities, I've witnessed the wonders of an iPad as a teaching aid. 
  8. We want to help foster critical thinkers. We realize the limited amount of true tactile engagement children gain via a screen (tv, dvd, iPad). The use of the iPad will be balanced with more cognitive and sensor stimulating activities like playing outside or helping us cook or clean the house, but Mommy also wanted an iPad to use.
  9. I'm a true "buppie" . . . I mean why else would I spend so much on a gift for a toddler. ;-)

Experiencing her new iPad Mini

 I can't wait to witness Lil D's reaction to everyone singing her Happy Birthday and her blowing out the candles on her big cake this weekend.


A little song for you.