Happy Easter 2013

Happy Easter everyone! We don't "celebrate" Easter as I explained before {here}, but I love the festive, pastely atmosphere that surrounds the holiday. Nevertheless, I wanted to dress Lil D up and take pictures to commemorate the last day of March. Check out our photo shoot.

My little one, who once loved to take pictures, has become an obstinate, screamer who wants to do the opposite of whatever Mommy suggests she does {hence the crazy hair she will not let me touch}.

She is styling in her Michael Kors shoes from Titi Lettie, her faux fur jacket from Abuela, and dress from PopPop.

After shooting outside it was tea time, we couldn't find the tea pot but we made it work.

Yesterday we ventured to the Turtle Back Zoo, in West Orange, for a family day. It's officially our Spring Break from work for D and I, so we wanted to spend as much quality time with Lil D before BC2 arrives.

38 weeks baby . . .