Lil D is almost 20 months!

Chile, my child is definitely experiencing her "Terrible Two's" in full force at 19 months 3 weeks of age. She is out-of-control with her manic tantrums and show of independent behavior, especially when we brave eating out at restaurants. The whole idea of keeping cool, calm, and collected while she spazzes out is a process D and I are working on, but we ain't ready!


So let's see, so much has happened since I last posted a blog entry. I am now ending my seventeenth week of pregnancy with BC2. We have begun the process of packing and staging our house to be put on the market. I had 3 weddings and one bridal shower within a six week period and I am pooped. My pregnancy has been progressing so rapidly, a lot of the changes my body is going through seem less significant then they were with Lil D. I felt flutters much more earlier than with Lil D, I felt them at 16 weeks. And I am showing much more than with my first pregnancy. So far I've gained about 4 pounds and haven't had much of an appetite. Hurricane Sandy hit New Jersey hard and we weathered the store by staying with my uncle and aunt and then with D's mother. After a week with no power in our home and traveling like gypsies I was sooooo happy to be sleeping in my own bed.



Sandy damage on our street 




Asked Papi to change Lil D's diaper and here is the result


Waiting for gas-- 3 hours

Lil D in her Halloween 2012 outfit {didn't get to see the light of day b/c of Sandy} | "Nurse in Training"


Home Depot run


We started our Election Day voting at 6 in the morning. I headed into the City for work, then we celebrated D's birthday at a very nice restaurant in West Orange.


Dinner for Papi's Birthday


Papi is 32! Woop! Woop!








17 weeks 4 days preggo | Excuse the mess we are packing to move {explanation in a subsequent post}.

Lil D at 20 months . . .

  • Lil D is truly becoming much more affectionate. She loves to cuddle, kiss, and hug.
  • Lil D mimics almost every action her Papi and I do. From sweeping, blowing our noses, and even trying to give people the thumbs up sign.
  • Lil D has resorted to hitting, biting, and tugging to get her way. Let's just say she's gotten a lot of "pow-pows" this month.
  • I've been mentioning everyday that Mommy is pregnant and pointing to my belly. Lil D has not realized the concept of "baby in belly", I believe she is too young.
  • Lil D does not like to put on clothes (change clothes), she has a fit whenever its time to get dressed
  • We haven't really practiced using a spoon and fork to eat, so this is a skill we need to work on.
  • Lil D definitely understands 200 or more words in Spanish and English.
  • Her language acquisition is developing slowly. She is talking in her gibberish language a lot mor