Lil D is almost 17 months!

Lil D has the pleasure of having both her Auntie's up to visit during the same week. Thank goodness for this because D and I took full advantage of them being here. We logged in several hours of free baby sitting service.


With one week remaining in her 16 month, Lil D has made substantial growth in several areas. For instance:

  • Climbing up stairs is her biggest pleasure these days. When we don't hear her we know to look for her on the stairs because she's making her way up. Of course we could purchase $200 worth of kiddie gates, but who has time for this? She will climb up and then call to use to come get her down, because she knows she hasn't mastered this skill yet.
  • She has taken to using her little pink booster car as a place to sit when she wants to watch t.v. We have used it as a "time-out" chair. {See video}
  •  She is still holding strong at 21 pounds, and continues to grow taller. We are waiting for the big 30 mark to put her in her forward-facing car seat. I don't know when this will eve happen?!
  • Lil D loves to "write" and she is showing an inclination in her left hand. 
  • She insists on doing task by herself (i.e. brush her teeth, combing her hair, walking with out holding hands, and of course climbing steps.
  • Lil D loves the beach, and water in general. We planned to enroll her in a water safety class and our gym, but it hasn't happened yet.
  • Lil D continues to fuss when it's time to go to sleep, whether it be a nap or bedtime in the evening.
  • Throwing has been a new skill that Lil D has perfected. Everything she comes into contact with, including food, get heaved across the room.
  • She loves to try to open the refrigerator, and draws, and closets . . . I think she has a thing for doors.
  • Head banging and pulling hair are the newest, as in two weeks ago, quirks Lil D has developed.
  • No coherent words besides "EAT"
  • The final new skill Lil D has perfected is taking off her diaper. Not when she has soiled it, but right after you put on a fresh one. SMH...


TiTi Lettie @ Jersey Gardens Mall


At one of our favorite local Puerto Rican restaurants, Old San Juan in Saddle Brook, NJ

Giving us a lot of personality

Pushing the limits and seeing how Papi will react. Terrible Twos have definitely entered the building early with this child. Please excuse the price on the bottom of her shoe, it's Daffy's for you {BTW they are going out of business-- a tragic lose}.

Hanging out with TiTi Lesha and Tio Alie.

Striking a pose, something she does quite regularly.

Chillaxing with her TiTi Kaina. {This is what happens when you have a teenage aunt}

At the neighborhood park.

Lil D wanting to run with the big kids. And they big kids asking us why she doesn't talk, because she is as tall as some of them. LOL...