Lil D's Officially 15 Months

Lil D is officially 15 months old. Last week at her routine check up we got her latest stats and found her to be in the 86 percentile for height and 21 pounds. Doc mentioned she is tall and lean.

Lil D really performed for Dr. Barb: she refused to sit nicely on the examining table, she opened every draw in the room, and when it was time for her shoots she screamed like a wounded animal. D left the room with an anguished look on his face. As soon as I picked her up and put her in my arms she quieted down. Vaccinations are vital to our wellness, but damn if they don't make you want to slap a nurse for putting your baby through pain.

As part of the gift to the special men in my life, Lil D and I went to Sear's Portrait Studio for a Father's Day photo shoot. For D's second Father's Day, I racked my brain trying to think of an appropriate gift for a man who has all he desires and I came up blank. What he asked for was a Hell-to-the-no (floor tickets for a Miami Heat finals game), so I settled on photo gifts. Daddy received three 8"x10" canvas prints of the poses immediately below. D will get an 8"x10" collage print and I purchased a Living Social deal from ConnectMyDNA. D's new fascination is genealogy and Latino culture, so I thought this would be a fitting gift.