Daniella is almost 15 months

In about two weeks Lil D will be 15 months. 

Celebrating 31 years with Mommy at the Habachi Grill

Losing some inches --- no real weight lost. Went to the gym for 3 weeks straight then stopped. I'm too tired to continue waking up at 4:45 to get to the gym before work.

Wilmington, DE for Mother's Day Weekend

Hotel Dupont

Dinner in the City Memorial Day Weekend




Lil D at 15 Months . . . 


  • Climbing steps
  • Running
  • Mini explorer would rather roam around store than be confided to cart or stroller
  • Loves to open drawers and pull everything out onto the floor
  • Loves pineapple juice
  • Favorite foods -- black beans with brown rice | Wheat thins | guacamole
  • Has a fascination with pulling the tops off of pens
  • Loves to rummage through Mommy's handbag
  • More vocal then before... Will have a five minute "conversation" with you in her language
  • Loves to help out by placing things in trash bag/baskets
  • Understands "thank you" and "welcome"
  • Learning to express her feelings by screaming, "talking", and grunting
  • about 21 pounds

Going to the Doctor in two weeks for vaccinations and 15 month check up. We've been so busy we forgot her one-year check up, so its catch up time.