Easter 2012

Did you go to church on Easter Sunday? For the Christians of the world, Easter is the most important day of the church calendar. Since leaving my parents home I have not been a regular church member and I have moved away from many of the tenets of Christianity. I consider myself a Spiritual Agnostic. In the words of Karl Marx, I often feel "religion is the opiate of the masses". Many will disagree with me and try in vain to dissuade me from my belief, as most devout Christians do, but I am steadfast in my religious ideologies.

So what will we teach Lil' D, its simple:


  • What you put out in the universe you will get in return, tenfold. 
  • Treat people as you want to be treated.
  • Trust your gut and don't rely on anything/anyone to get what you need to do accomplished.


Being an avid reader and an enthusiast of the history of people of African descent, it is hard for me to completely embrace a system that ruled by brutality, fear, and control. I can't do it. Throughout history, Christianity is noted for making missionaries into mercenaries in their attempt to conquer.

 This was Lil D a year ago on Easter Sunday. . .


Lil D is 13 Months . . .

Lil D is moving from being an infant to a toddler here are her latest developments.


  •  Drinking about 24 ounces of organic whole milk a day
  • Can bend over a pick up an object
  • Walking -- every where
  • Responds to instructions {i.e. "Give me a kiss.", " Call Papi.", and "Bring me the ball."}
  • Can combine gestures and screams to make her desires known
  • Can imitate some gestures of others (i.e. turning her head from side-to-side and clapping hands)
  • Enjoys looking at herself in the mirror
  • No words yet
  • Can wave her hands like "Ms. America"
  • When encouraged to "talk" she will respond and hold a conversation.
  • Get excited when me or Papi arrives home. She calls out saying "hi".
  • Still nursing twice a day-- when she first wakes and before falling a sleep
  • Can brush her teeth by herself
  • Loves to interact with other children