Lil' D will be 9 months next week

I've been lied to. Many people told me the time before a baby can walk is the best time for parents of infants. LIE! LIE! LIE! D and I have not slept for more than 3 hours each night for the past 2 weeks. These people neglected to inform me that a teething baby is much to content with and once they learn how to pull themselves up it's a wrap.


So basically this is how our nights go, BTW we brought the crib into our bedroom to get her used to sleeping in it. Wrong answer!! So I hit the sack at about 9:30. Between 10 and 11, D comes to bed with a half sleep Lil D. Most times she will remain asleep, so we keep her in bed with us. Well Hunny, she's got her own program now. She will come to bed and whine and cry for about two hours. She doesn't want to nurse, be held, or patted on the back. After her tantrum she will try to pull herself up on the headboard, all the while she is stepping on our faces and "Dropping It Like It's Hot". At this point she is jovial, laughing and talking her baby language. D is huffing and puffing and I'm just looking at the alarm clock thinking, "Damn, I got to get up in 3 hours." No matter how many times we try to lie her down she attempts to climb right back up the headboard. Sick and tired of wrestling with her to get her to lie down and go to sleep one of us will put her in the crib. Lil D really puts on a show then. She will bang the crib rail, scream, and cry like someone is trying her abuse her little butt.  The longest we've been able to let her stand in her crib crying has been 15 minutes. Usually when we take her out she will go right to sleep. Two nights in a row we had to repeat the process of going from the headboard to the crib twice before she tired herself out from crying.


I'm ready for her to be grown already!! 

Updates on her development

At 35 weeks old Lil D' can/has:

Sit up by herself (this developed at the end of month 7)

Pull herself up to stand

Speed crawl

 Clap her hands and shake to the beat of music

Mimics when you poke your tongue out

4 teeth -- two on top, two right below

Tries to chase the cat around and gets super excited when cat is near her

When excited will make herself stiff and squeals in delight

Seems to understands the words "No" and "Stop"

Can pick up Mommy's heavy {empty}  tea mug

 Beginning to master the pincer grasp


Here are some pictures of Lil' D from our recent trip to Jamaica