Latest with Lil' D-- 10 months old

I am pooped. We went to "Strong" Island last night for a first birthday party-- it was Lil' D's first birthday party. We ate good food, people ohhed and ahhhed at her, she did a little dance, and we took lots of pictures.

 I've been searching for a Latino caterer for her birthday party and it's been a headache. The company I wanted to use is no longer in business, so I have to search some more. I know of plenty in NYC, but I don't want to have to pay a huge delivery fee for a company to come across the water to Jersey. Anyway, apart from the food everything else is pretty much done-- well I still have to print about 5 more invitations. The custom stamps from Zazzle definitely added that flair I thought was missing, and they are are so cute. 

Mommy and Papi got new cars! As the year came to an end, D and I needed to turn in our cars and get new ones. Lil' D was on hand to "Test-Drive" the cars.


Lil D at 10 months...

  • You have begun to wave and love the attention you get from strangers. Definitely a social butterfly.
  • You have tantrums when you don't get what you want.
  • When Mommy says "No" and points her pointer finger at you, you immediately begin to cry.
  • You are a climber.
  • Much to Mommy's chagrin, you suck both thumbs.
  • You hate wearing shoes that aren't soft soled.
  • You love to cruise along any surface you can stand against.
  • You have 5.5 teeth and love to bite whatever is put in your mouth.
  • You love eating paper-- especially Mommy's magazines.
  • You dislike getting dressed and give Mommy + Papi a hard time when changing your diaper-- I think its just because you like being naked.
  • You got your first flu shot two weeks ago, and Mommy is still deciding if you needed it.
  • You love to eat sweet potatoes, Cheerios, and guacomole.
  • You have begun to test us with behaviors like throwing food on the floor and
  • Mommy + Papi have given up on trying to get you to sleep in your crib.
  • You showed the first signs of separation anxiety when we went to the Ped. for your 9.5 month appointment.
  • You've only been socialized around adults, so this summer you and Mommy will be attending Mommy + Me classes.
  • You love playtime with Papi. He really makes you LOL.
  • You are a lean 16 pounds, 12 ounces and 28 inches tall.


For the party, Lil D had on her Nicole Miller Kids outfit {my favorite kids design to date}. I love her trapeze styled tops and leggings. I got this outfit at the Lord and Taylor outlet store for $10.00! Its still a little big under the arms, but I put it on her anyway.


The birthday boy and his "Polo" cake.