Lil D is 11 Months!

Two more weeks and my little girl will be a year old!!! Wow, this is surreal, I remember vividly how I was counting down the weeks until my due date at this time last year. She is so fully of personality. Her temperament and personality mimics her father, more than mine. She is sociable, talkative {her baby language}, and loves to dance. Here are a list of her latest developements :

  • Lil D has been making word like sounds.
  • She understands the commands, "Kiss,Kiss", "Say hi", "Say Bye Bye", "No", and "Clap, Clap"
  • Lil D loves to play peek-a-boo
  • Lil D loves to dance and scream when excited.
  • Lil D will sit and listen when its Read Aloud time-- before she was trying to eat the book
  • She is teething again, so most things go into her mouth. She now has 7.5 teeth.
  • I've noticed she is sucking her thumb less.
  • Lil D can identify the Skype/Oovoo ring tone and looks for the video picture.
  • Lil D has not shown much separation anxiety.
  • Lil D loves when we play "Name that body part" game. She is tickled pink when you point to her nose or cheeks.
  • Lil D can imitate actions and facial expressions very well.
  • Her stance is getting stronger, but she has yet to take  steps without holding on.
  • Lil D loves to sit in the front basket of carts. Most times she fights to take the strap off and I end up putting her little butt in the big part of the cart with the groceries.
  • Abuela taught her to point, so she is pointing at everything --esp. lights. Just imagine how this went over in Vegas.
  • Lil D has learned to share. When you ask her for "some" of whatever she is eating, usually a cracker she will offer you a bite.


At the mall with Mommy. . .

Watching Papi clean the kitchen . . .

On the way to Baltimore in the car . . .


Last week we took a long ass flight to Vegas to accompany D on a recruiting trip. We saw the sights, ate at Chipotle daily, and got some while-you-wait ice cream. Check it out!

Lil D in the hotel room 

 Lil D dancing

Chilling on the 53rd floor of the Palms Place

Trying to Escape

Bored with shopping in the Bellagio